Clear iSpot Review

Wireless hotspots are relatively commonplace these days, billed as straightforward ways to get all your WiFi devices online without paying a cellular modem subscription for each. The Clear iSpot, then, is an odd fish: while it's capable of supporting up to eight WiFi clients simultaneously, they're all meant to be Apple mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Have one of those and you can be enjoying 4G speeds for a bargain monthly fee; anything else and - officially - you're out of luck. Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Clearwire to Begin Testing Co-Existence of WiMax and LTE in the Fall

Right now, Clearwire's 4G network is based entirely on the WiMax technology. The same one that Sprint uses for their own infrastructure. But, Clear has come forward in the past to say that they've never counted Long Term Evolution (LTE) out, and now with this new report, it looks like they're strengthening that statement. With tests planned in the Fall of this year, Clear will take a hard look at LTE.

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Sprint 4G spreads: 48 areas now with WiMAX

We already know that Sprint are looking to 4G to salve their fortunes, and so news that the WiMAX network is spreading can only be a good thing for investors and for data-hungry users.  Fresh to feel the warm touch of 4G on their skin are Modesto and Stockton, California; Jacksonville, Florida, Wilmington, Delaware; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

That now makes forty-eight metropolitan areas with WiMAX coverage - the full list is in the press release below - and Sprint reckon subscribers will see up to ten-times the performance of a regular 3G connection.

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Best Buy Connect Service Inks Deal with Clearwire to Offer 4G

Just over a month ago, we told you that Clearwire had their sights set on installing WiMAX modems into a bunch of Intel Core-based notebooks, which would then subsequently be sold through Best Buy some time by the holiday shopping season. Even as the report hit the 'net, there were still plenty of questions. Primarily, was this a one time thing, or would a new deal come from the situation? It looks like we have our answer, as Best Buy and Clear have just made it possible for the two to work closely together to bring 4G service to people.

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Clear fit WiMAX to Intel Core notebooks at Best Buy

Clearwire has announced that it plans to slot WiMAX modems into all the Intel Core based notebooks at Best Buy by the holidays, in an attempt to drum up business for their 4G network.  It's unclear what affect the 4G modems will have on the price - systems tipped to be included in the promotion are the Dell Inspiron 14, Dell Inspiron 15, Dell Mini 10, and Toshiba Satellite M645, among others - but if buyers opt for a two-year CLEAR agreement they'll get a $100 rebate.

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CLEAR 4G and 4G+ WiFi hotspots outed with USB 3G/4G modem

US WiMAX provider Clearwire has outed its latest 4G modems and personal wireless hotspots, promising broadband-like speeds in areas with suitable 4G service.  The new CLEAR 4G and CLEAR 4G+ personal WiFi hotspots (the latter being a rebadge of the Sprint Overdrive) each pull in a WiMAX signal and share it with up to eight nearby devices (the 4G+ also works with 3G connections).  Meanwhile there's a new dual-mode 3G/4G USB modem for Mac and Windows users.

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Clearwire will “keep evolving”, perhaps to LTE support

Only the other day, Clearwire were happily trumpeting their latest WiMAX roll-outs; now there's talk that they may be considering sidling away from the technology altogether.  While their financial results press release talked about Clear-branded Samsung and HTC multi-mode handsets, during the company's investors call CFO Erik E. Prusch dropped hints that Clearwire were considering converting to LTE.

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HTC EVO 4G: where will I get WiMAX?

So, you're tempted by Sprint's HTC EVO 4G, and frankly who can blame you?  If our all-too-brief hands-on play with the WiMAX-packing Android 2.1 smartphone taught us anything, it's that HTC have taken the best of the HD2, slapped on an arguably more alluring OS and created the sort of superphone we scoffed at Google for describing the Nexus One as.  Plenty has been made of Sprint's 4G promises, but that got us wondering: exactly who will get to enjoy the HTC EVO 4G's WiMAX connectivity?

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CLEAR “true 4G” WiMAX arrives: faster speeds, new logo

The whole Clearwire/Clear/WiMAX/Sprint/XOHM branding situation was never all that straightforward to begin with; let's face it, consumers want to know exactly what they should be asking for when they go into the store.  Now Clearwire are seemingly intending to make things easier - or upset the whole situation once more, perhaps - with a fresh new relaunch as CLEAR.  The new name apparently signifies the switch from "pre-WiMAX service" to true 4G WiMAX, and brings with it a fresh boost of speed.

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