Flip MinoHD camcorder with 120-minute capacity debuts

Flip MinoHD camcorder with 120-minute capacity debuts

Flip popularized the tiny camcorder category with its Mino line of camcorders that were cheap and designed to be carried everywhere you go. The Flip line uploads directly to YouTube making them very popular with the video uploading crowd. We have reviewed the Flip Ultra camcorder before here at SlashGear. Flip has announced a new version of its camcorder called the MinoHD 120 that will ship on November 9 from the Flip website with 120 minutes of recording capacity.

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Cisco launching Flip Video in Germany

Cisco launching Flip Video in Germany

Cisco purchased the Flip company behind the popular Flip Mini and HD lines of video cameras a while back. The Flip Mino was one of the most popular camcorders on the market for a time and still sells well today. German Flip fans will soon be able to get their own Flip camcorders.

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Cisco buys Flip Video team for $590m

Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder: that's obviously why Cisco have announced plans to buy Pure Digital - the company behind the much-esteemed Flip Video camcorders - for a huge $590m in stock.  The announcements comes after recent rumors of a half-billion deal that many dismissed as far-fetched given the current economic climate.


CES 2009: Linksys Wireless Home Audio

CES 2009: Linksys Wireless Home Audio

Linksys by Cisco have been demonstrating their new Wireless Home distributed media system at CES 2009, a Sonos-rivalling system that includes the standalone Conductor DMC350 with integrated touchscreen control and CD player, the Director DMC250 media player with integrated 50W-per-channel amp, and the Player DMP100 for connection to an existing amplified setup.  Each can access media from across your home network or the internet, together with internet radio.

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40Gbps Internet connection used to dry laundry – grandma’s got a new bag

Last year Sigbritt Löthberg was connected to the internet with a 40Gbps line, at the age of 75. Her son, some sort of Internet expert (Read: Cisco Executive Peter Löthberg) , was the one that decided she needed the world’s fastest internet connection, at the time.

Correction – Cisco won’t be killing off Linksys name

Apparently a story that we reported on earlier today was not entirely correct. In fact, it was completely inaccurate. We reported earlier that Cisco was planning on ditching the Linksys name in favor of using the Cisco name on all of their products.

Linksys – You will be missed

[Update] It's always a sad day when a brand that we've grown to know and love meets its tragic end. This usually happens when a company is acquired by another, then after a period of transition, the name is dropped. Some names like Compaq have stuck around for some time. Linksys, however, is not so lucky.

Apple and Cisco Settle iPhone Trademark Lawsuit

Late last night, Apple and Cisco announced that they have resolved their dispute over the “iPhone” trademark.

Under the agreement, Apple and Cisco are free to use the trademark on their products however and where they want. This means that both companies agree to play nice and everything is water under bridge with no further actions regarding the iPhone trademark.

In addition, Apple and Cisco have plans for interoperability between their products in the area of security, and consumer and enterprise communications. Everything regarding the agreement was kept confidential.

Apple and Cisco come to an accord over ‘iPhone’ trademark [My iPhone]

iPhone launches, nobody impressed, Gizmodo take their ball home

Oh dear.  So on Friday Gizmodo's Brian Lam ran a very short post claiming that the iPhone would launch on Monday - cue a barrage of "you tease" and other slightly-less-polite comments, with an underlying hiccup of "please let it launch".  Well, time waits for no man (or woman, or long-awaited Apple cellphone) and so today everyone was stunned by, yes, the iPhone.  Only it's not exactly what was expected.

Linksys iPhoneTurns out that whoever coined the name iPhone as rightful title of Apple's cellphone didn't bother to check with Cisco first, who had unassumingly trademarked the name back in 1996 and have decided that now is the ideal time to use it for a new range of VOIP handsets.  Gizmodo obviously got wind of this and thought it a marvellous jape to tease the hungry Mac-lovers.

Thing is, Mac-lovers don't take too kindly to having their emotions played with, and so Brian finds himself (and, by extension, Gizmodo) on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism.  So far the phrase "damages your credibility" has been mentioned at least as many times as Apple has submitted cellphone-related patents, he's been called an Ass and prompted several people to change their homepages to something else (you mean not everybody has Google as their homepage?)

Does this damage Gizmodo?  Or is it, in fact, just another piece of internet ephemera that will be forgotten by next week (apart from by those people who wonder why their homepage is different every time they go online).  My money is on the latter, and Brian has attempted to sidetrack the flurry of criticism with a surprisingly rousing speech calling for alternative Apple Cellphone names.  While I'd love it to be the iTalkyTalky, my money is on MobileMe.

The iPhone is Dead [Gizmodo]

Cisco HD Video Conferencing blows Scoble’s mind – Updated

When I think of video conferencing I think of either a 28" TV on a too-tall stand in the corner of the room, with someone squinting at and picking their nose in front of a low-res webcam displayed on it, or one of those "the future of telepresencing!" robot concepts that is basically an LCD screen on wheels trundling round the office.  But apparently Cisco have - having taken hints, it would appear, from stage magicians - actually made a video conferencing set-up that is convincing, thanks to careful room, desk and lighting design and some incredible HD displays. 

Always enthusiastic camera-toting ex-Microsoftie Robert Scoble was lucky enough to score an invite to Cisco and experience the system (which costs $79,000 for one screen and $300,000 for a three-screen installation):

"The PR folks led me into a room. I turned on my camera. I thought there were six people around a desk at first. I saw Mike Vizard, who is on the Gillmor Gang, among other things. We say hi, but then I notice that the three people on the other side of the desk are actually on HD screens and aren’t in the room at all" 

No pictures for this one that I can find yet, but Robert Scoble has a video coming soon and Cisco are claiming it's available now.  Robert's video is now live: here

Cisco [via Scobleizer]

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