Chumby gets Pandora web-radio widget

Chumby gets Pandora web-radio widget

Chumby has been around for some time now, and the team behind it are keeping their promise to release updated features for the squidgy touchscreen companion.  The latest is support for Pandora radio, the streaming online music service that creates custom 'stations' based on your favorite tracks.  Pandora on Chumby allows you to log into you account, listen to existing stations and create new ones, with playback through the integrated speakers.

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Flash game deal brings chumby tilt-controlled play

Beanbag-like internet appliance and general squishy WiFi companion chumby will soon be able to do more than alert you to the weather and bring you the latest 3G iPhone news courtesy of your RSS feeds. In a deal with Canadian games studio Albino Blacksheep, who specialise in Flash animation and gaming, chumby owners will be able to play selected titles from the studio using the touchscreen and accelerometer tilt-sensor interface. Rotating, shaking and prodding chumby will allow gamers to navigate through tunnels, chase a ball and even direct missiles.

Chumby Internet Appliance alarm clock reviewed

I'm not quite sure how she engineered it - feminine wiles, I'll bet - but Julie Strietelmeier over at The Gadgeteer managed to get onto the very, very exclusive list of pre-release buyers of the endearing Chumby alarm-clock-cum-web-appliance, and she's been busy reviewing the little fella.  In case you've forgotten, the Chumby is a compact touchscreen and Freescale processor with a couple of USB ports and a WiFi 'g' connection; in its most basic mode it works as an alarm clock, but delve deeper and you can use it for all sorts of real-time information.  Think something like Ambient Devices range of wireless info-devices, only using WiFi.

Chumby – your new bedside pal

On a typical night, the contents of my bedside table generally amounts to a glass of water, an alarm-clock, my cellphone and the various meds I'm forced to take lest the demons inside reek their havoc on my loved ones. Well, it turns out that I could replace at least the alarm-clock with this adorable Chumby.

"What's a Chumby?" I hear you mutter, your mouth full of figs and bile. Well, a Chumby is an open-source computer-cum-clock designed to run tiny Flash widgets, pulling down information from the internet through its built-in wifi connection. Based around a 266 MHz CPU with 32MB SDRAM and 64MB Flash RAM, there are a variety of programs that can display anything from flickr photos to rss feeds on the 320 x 240 3-inch touchscreen. Internet radio is catered for with 2W speakers, so that you can be roused each day to the strains of obscure Bolivian harmonica-jazz, and there're two USB ports should the overwhelming need for expansion come upon you.

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