NVIDIA Tegra 2 promised for CES: smartbooks, MIDs and smartphones in 2010

Various mouth-watering rumors about NVIDIA's next-gen Tegra 2 chipset have been circulating recently, but the company is promising not only details of their HD-capable low power chips at CES 2010 in January but hardware from OEM partners.  According to Michael Hara, senior vice president of investor relations and communications at the company, the first half of 2010 will see the launch of tablet PCs, smartbooks, netbooks and MIDs all based on Tegra 2.

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VIA VN1000 northbridge promises frugal Blu-ray 1080p performance

Ah, the humble northbridge; neither as earnest as the processor nor as glamourous as the dedicated video card, it works its subtle charms and waits in vain for recognition.  If VIA have their way, though, the northbridge will soon be declared the saviour of the proletariat: the new VIA VN1000 is intended for entry-level all-in-ones, SFF machines and budget desktops, instilling them with DirectX 10.1 support and the ability to play back 1080p Blu-ray content.

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Intel delays USB 3.0 chipsets until 2011 according to source

If you are like me and are tired of backing up loads of data via a pokey USB 2.0 connection, you were really looking forward to USB 3.0. Most all of us expected USB 3.0 to show up on computers late this year or in early 2010 and the USB-IF has been sending out USB 3.0 developer's kits for a while now. Despite support from industry associations and other players in the industry, Intel has reportedly decided to delay USB 3.0 support in its key chipsets until 2011.

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NVIDIA officially halts chipset development [Updated]

NVIDIA and Intel have been fighting a legal battle for a long time now that involved chipsets that NVIDIA was making that supported newer Intel CPUs. We first heard grumblings back in 2008 that NVIDIA could be leaving the chipset business, but things were seemingly chugging along. Today NVIDIA has officially announced that its nForce chipset line is on hiatus.

Update: Official NVIDIA statement after the cut

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