CES 2014

LG’s curved 77-inch 4K OLED TV is absolutely stunning

One thing we’re seeing a lot of this year at CES is curved OLED TVs. LG’s offering is on display, and it’s absolutely stunning. Though LG and others are touting their monstrously large TVs, the somehow normal-sized-becuase-there-are-100-inch-TVs LG 77-inched is a favorite of ours. Simply jaw dropping, the display is easily the best we’ve seen yet.

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Acton M Scooter hands-on: We fall off the future of urban mobility

Electric scooters are too much fun to be left to the elderly, or so Acton found when it flew past its Kickstarter goal for the M Scooter last October. Now shipping, the folding "urban mobility" device promises to work with, not necessarily replace, other methods of transport, being compact enough to fit into the trunk of your car while also providing sufficient range to do local trips. We threw caution to the wind and climbed aboard to see if we'd found the future of CES transportation.

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Gunnar INTERCEPT Color gaming glasses eyes-on: time for iridescence

This week the folks at Gunnar have released a new collection of their classic line of computer-user-aimed eyewear with INTERCEPT Color. They’ve brought on a set of five new iridescent hues including cobalt, fire, kryptonite, ghost, and ink. We’ve gotten a peek at the full collection and have brought a pair of the INTERCEPT Fire glasses home for a full review as well.

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MSI Interceptor DS200 and DS100 gaming mouse hands-on

Amongst the massive gaming builds stacked with the finest in next-generation graphics cards presented by MSI this week at CES 2014 were a couple of their own gaming-aimed mice. The smaller of these was the MSI Interceptor DS100, the larger going by the name MSI Interceptor DS200. Both nice work with anti-tangle fabric cords in black specked with red and both work with what MSI calls "exclusive software."

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LG Chromebase hands-on: 21.5-inch Full HD all-in-one

LG has unveiled the Chromebase, an all-in-one system sporting a 21.5-inch Full HD display and running Chrome OS. LG points towards this as being a world's first type of device, but more to the point, this should provide a solid option for someone who is looking to run Chrome OS, but wants to avoid a notebook. The LG Chromebase is available in black and a multi-color white and silver option.

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T-Mobile: Our LTE is faster, and AT&T needs to stop saying otherwise

T-Mobile has been talking Wideband LTE at CES, with early trials showing 147 Mbps downloads, while real-time tests of the carrier's existing 4G network are already out-performing AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. The carrier is using Speedtest.net results for a more timely indication of how T-Mobile's 4G compares to that of rivals. Meanwhile CEO John Legere ramped up his war with AT&T with the promise of a Cease & Desist letter.

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