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The Daily Slash: January 7, 2011

What a week! While a few of us on the R3 crew were rolling around in different parts of the world that weren't Vegas, the bulk were rolling hard at CES 2011! The Consumer Electronics Show had blasts of this, slips of that, and a wacky array of stories and happenings that shall forever go down in the history books as a CES to be clicked with! How ever in the world will we organize all of this information? How about one big monster of a list of links, for starters? Who could we call for such a tast, hm? So much exclusive content, so much time time - I know! The Daily Slash! Get one of the biggest heaping helpings you've ever seen, below!

This isn't the first and it isn't going to be the last roundup post of CES news and info for this season. It's one big thwack. Comb with me, if you will, through the content and devour the ingredients. Joy! PREVIEW: my favorite is the Notion Ink Adam hands-on at CES 2011 - wowie!

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Samsung’s SH100 WiFi Camera Announced

Among other compact consumer cameras, Samsung has announced the SH100 at this year’s CES. Set to be a fully connected camera, the SH100 will not only upload photos via WiFi but will allow the user to remotely control some features via a connected Android device.

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Pure Energy Solutions Wildcharge Pads

Pure Energy Solutions' technology was used within Duracell pads a year ago, but now they are selling them directly to consumers. These WildCharge mats come in different two different sizes and are capable of charging cellphones by laying them on the mat. A unique back cover that fits around the device will be required for the unit to charge like all pads before this one.

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Kno Dual-Screen Tablet hands-on

CES 2011 may be the year that tablets took over, but there's still nothing quite like Kno's vast dual-touchscreen clamshell. Resolutely targeted at students rather than a general audience, the Tegra 2 based machine pairs two 14.1-inch panels with both finger and stylus input. We grabbed some hands-on time; check out our first impressions after the cut.

Video demo after the cut

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OCOSMOS OSC1 TC hands-on

OCOSMOS' OSC1 Tiny Computer (TC) may have dropped the physical QWERTY keyboard - something we're not quite ready to forgive them for - but it's still an intriguing compact handheld. Straddling the line between UMPC and portable games console, the Intel Oak Trail powered internet device may look like an oversized smartphone, but inside there's a full Windows 7 install. Check out our first impressions after the cut.

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Verizon Announces Event for January 11th

While the Consumer Electronics Show is in full-swing, and Verizon has taken a huge step in making their presence, and the devices launching on their network, known to everyone. But, that's not stopping the company from announcing that they've got something else coming. Our inbox has been hit with a new invite for an event that's happening in four days.

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