CES 2008

CES 2008: ASUS Penryn-toting M51Sn laptop with GeForce 9500M GS video

While it might not be the smallest, the thinnest, the lightest or made from the most exotic of materials, ASUS' new M51Sn certainly does have some notable guts. It's available with a selection of Intel's latest Core 2 Duo "Penryn" 45nm processors, the T8100, T8300, T9300 or T9500 (ranging from 2.1 to 2.6GHz) as well as the brand spanking new Nvidia GeForce 9500M GS video card, replete with 512MB of dedicated memory.

CES 2008: iRiver Unit 2 uber-device

Convergence can often be seen as a dirty word, but iRiver's Unit 2 (which we first caught a glimpse of in January last year, then again in July) seems to have convinced everybody who tried it at CES 2008 that putting a WiFi radio, CD/DVD player, VoIP phone, GPS, streaming and download into a single machine is nothing but A Good Thing, and well worth waiting (and saving up the $700 they estimate it'll cost) until 2009 to pick one up.  A 30GB drive, SD slot, removable display-cum-independent-7-inch-PMP (800 x 480, 16:9 aspect) and a remote that folds out to give a full QWERTY for messaging round out what could be the gadget of next year.


CES 2008: Toshiba demo Spurs Engine – PS3 Cell CPU in Qosmio laptop

Toshiba have taken the Cell CPU usually found in a Sony PS3 and put it into a concept Qosmio G45 laptop, giving the machine a total of six processors (the original Core 2 Duo is still there, plus the four 1.5GHz synergistic processing elements in the Cell) and the ability to perform high-complexity visual tasks in real-time.  The system is then able to upscale 640 x 480 video to 1080p via heavy-duty image processing in a mere three hours (whereas a normal Core 2 Duo machine would take 24), use the onboard webcam to recognise and translate hand gestures to control the laptop, and even trawl through stacks of video identifying common faces and building playlists from recurring actors.


CES 2008: Guitar Wizard from Music Wizard Group

The Music Wizard is a Mac/PC based game that works with any MIDI guitar. It comes with its own Washburn guitar and MIDI pickup which acts as the game’s controller.

CES 2008 : High Performance and Low light Digital Compact Camera from Kodak

If you are looking for a Kodak high performance compact digicam, the 10Pm Z1085 IS is the one to get. The new Easyshare Z-series is pushing hard on sensor sensitivity up to ISO 8000 at lower resolution with selected program mode, that’s about 1 1/3 stops of typical sensor would go at ISO 3200. The High ISO is something that could be useful at occasion low light shooting, you never know when you going to need one. It also features Kodak Smart Capture, the ‘one click we do the rest’ technology and supports HD capture up to 720p with optional HDTV dock to view HD capture or photo on your HDTV.

CES 2008 : New 12mp Kodak EasyShare uses Touch Screen LCD display

The Iphone may not the best camera feature in cell phone market but its touch screen technology was a big hit and now it’s going to be on anything that uses LCD as display. Starts with Kodak latest compact digicam, the new Easyshare V series model V1273 and V1073 a huge 3 inch touch screen display for more robust interacting experience. Users can use the touch of their fingertips to view, edit and organize pictures.

CES 2008: Cables to Go Wireless USB Hub

Cables to Go announced it’s new Wireless USB Hub at CES this week. It allows you or any three host computers within a 30ft range to wireless access any USB devices connected to the hub.

CES 2008 : Ultimate Gaming Experience with DLP DualView Technology.

Two different scenes, two players, two consoles in one screen, that’s what Texas Instruments latest invention for gamers. Conventional multiple players gaming uses split screen feature to get two player on one display, the DLP’s DualView technology uses a special 3D glasses to separate two independent scenes from one display. The demo and interview from pcmag below shows the dualview in action.

CES 2008: TiVo gets RSS Feeds through Season Pass

In order to make it easier and faster for TiVo users to find online content, TiVo subscribers will be able access content from major networks like Comedy Central and Discovery, along with independently produced media like Ask A Ninja, through RSS Feeds. This will work through applying TiVo’s Season Pass function to web video.

CES 2008: Garmin Forerunner 405 Watch

Garmin showed off it’s Forerunner 405 watch and I must say it’s pretty awesome, and coming from someone who hates watches that’s saying something. Since it’s from Garmin, it is, of course, GPS enabled but it also has a lot of other good features like speed, distance and heart rate track.

CES 2008: Dual HDS Speakers from Dual Electronics

Dual Electronics debuted a new line of high definition, two way mobile speakers. They were designed to perform to spec year after year. These Dual HDS speakers feature long-throw, dynamically balanced PP cones and lightweight one-inch Ferro fluid cooled silk dome tweeters.

CES 2008: D-Link – D-Life Networking Gadgets

So this week I got to look at some easy to use networking gadgets from D-Link. Networking your gadgets isn’t easy for everyone and so these handy in-home items will network themselves for you. There’s a camera, a phone, an answering machine and more.

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