HP 2730p Tablet PC with Centrino 2 update

Fujitsu aren't the only company putting Centrino 2 tech into a Tablet PC.  HP have unveiled their own updated notebook, the 2730p, which replaces the popular but venerable 2710p.  With a smaller display than the T5010 - at 12.1-inches - the 2730p will arguably be a little more portable; however it may run a little slower, too, as HP have picked Intel's 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo L9400 processor.

Panasonic Toughbook notebooks get Centrino 2 & draft-N upgrade

Panasonic's Toughbook range has always prioritised sturdy build above just about anything else, but in a welcome nod to processing power the company has announced that it will be upgrading the semi-rugged notebooks with Intel's new Centrino 2 processor.  Both the Toughbook CF-52 and Toughbook CF-74 will feature the new processor, as well as getting improvements in video performance, storage and networking.


Fujitsu T5010 Centrino 2 powered Tablet PC goes on show

Although we knew the Centrino 2 powered 13.3-inch Fujitsu T5010 Tablet PC was coming- courtesy of Virginia Tech's bookstore - its taken a while for the company to actually start showing the machine off.  Now that Intel have got their Centrino 2 announcement out of the way, the path has been paved, and I've a strong suspicion that this could become one of the go-to convertible Tablets for new and current users.

Toshiba Centrino 2 notebooks launch, including Cell-equipped G55

Fresh on the Centrino 2 bandwagon, Toshiba have launched their latest media-happy Qosmio entertainment notebooks, including the world's first laptop with Cell Processor technology.  The three new models, which were first announced last month, comprise the G55, the F55 and the gaming X305, and all use Intel's latest mobile platform.

Intel Centrino 2 gets official launch: WiFi N, switchable graphics, WiMAX on the way

Intel have officially announced their 'Montevina' Centrino 2 platform, including five new processors, new chipsets and wireless products.  They've also stoked up a high-performance version, the Centrino 2 Extreme Edition, which promises to be the world's highest performing dual-core mobile processor.  Support for WiFi draft-n and, later in the year, WiMAX are also promised, as is longer battery life.


Centrino 2 processors arriving mid-July rather than August

Centrino 2 processors arriving mid-July rather than August

Centrino 2 processors were slated for August, but it might not be that long until we see the new chips in some upcoming mainstream notebooks. Intel is now anticipated the chip to be available to manufacturers as early as mid-July.

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Centrino 2 Montevino delay confirmed; no chips until August

Intel has confirmed that the launch of its next-generation Centrino chipset, "Montevina", has been delayed until mid-July.  The platform was originally slated to launch in Q2, with the official launch predicted by the end of May.  Intel are blaming both hardware and documentation issues for the hold-up; the new chipsets won't be available in volume until August 2008.

"There were two minor issues we found during final testing – one with our integrated graphic chipsets, which we have found a workaround for but need to re-screen our parts, and second around our wireless wi-fi chip, which was a paperwork and certification mistake we made" Bill Kircos, Intel spokesperson

Intel to include SSDs in Centrino 2 platform due Q3

While trying desperately to ramp up Atom production, Intel are also looking to the future of their Centrino platform, with the upcoming Centrino 2 Montevina chipset looking likely to include solid-state drives (SSD).  According to sources at PC manufacturers, Intel is looking to release SSDs by the end of Q3 2008, in recognition of the fact that the shock-proof technology will eventually become the mainstream notebook storage medium.  The range will be known as Intel High Performance SSD, and be targeted at enterprise, mid-range and high-end notebook markets.

Willcom D4 WSO16H from Sharp and Willcom – the little UMPC that could!

Sure, this little UMPC can fit in the palm of your hand and is only marginally larger than a lot of the larger smartphones being released these days, but this is no smartphone, this is a full on computer. It has an Intel Atom processor inside, a 40GB HDD, a 5” touchscreen, and so much more.

Intel’s Montevina platform is Centrino 2 – Due in Q2

Intel’s Montevina platform is Centrino 2 – Due in Q2

Intel will be labeling its new Montevina platform as Centrino 2. The chip is due in Q2 (probably in May) and will be running on 1066MHz FSB with clock starting from 2.26Ghz up to 3.06Ghz. The Centrino 2 chips will be priced at $209-851.

Montevina to be paired with the Cantiga chipset and refreshed Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and will also feature WiMax.

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