Sanwa Throat Microphone makes you loud and clear

Okay, so I have an iPhone and use the earbuds that came with it. The problem is that first, the earbuds constantly fall out of my ears and second, people I'm talking to often have trouble hearing me through the built-in mic. But you might just be able to remedy that problem with the Sanwa Throat Microphone.

This microphone wraps around your neck like some weird futuristic necklace. But it doesn't work by picking up the sound from your mouth. Rather, it works by picking up the vibrations as you speak at your throat. This transmits very clearly through the mic, making it easy for those you're talking with to hear you.

So, you might look a little weird, but at least it works pretty good. There's no information on when the Sanwa Throat Microphone will be available or how much it will cost yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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LG Arena KM900 passes through FCC; gets 3G

We've known about the LG KM900 Arena for awhile now but it's just now creeping its way into the U.S. market. Even if the big reveal was to be a secret, LG has made it apparent we're going to see this handset on U.S. soil due to a filing with the FCC.

The KM900 Arena will come with 3G support according to the FCC documents. In fact, the specifics are 850MHz and 1,900MHz WCDMA support. This means the phone will likely show up on AT&T, though that hasn't been confirmed or denyed.

At the moment, the only firmed features are WiFi access, but there's no indication previous information has been proven false, so you can expect a 5-megapixel camera, GPS and 8GB of storage on the Arena, plus microSDHC. We're taking a wait and see approach with this one, but with 3G on the docket, it's very likely this one will show up on AT&T soon.

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Mobiado Professional 105GMT Gold is a Mechanical Watch Phone

A cell phone to me is a technology based electronic devices that hold no collective value compares to a sentiment item like a mechanical watch. I couldn’t see any value in a blinged-out handheld covered in gold or showered in diamonds. The connection fails as soon as the next technology rolls in with a bigger LCD screen, storage space or supports a faster communication protocol. But the Canadian has a unique way of making luxury cell phone worth more than its monetary value.

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