cebit 2008

Meizu M8 – no, of course it doesn’t look like an iPhone…

So the rep from Meizu, much like the company as a whole, continues to profess their design didn’t come from the iPhone, that their design was completed some time towards the end of 2006, well before the iPhone was released. They still don’t mention anything about the software though, which is almost definitely stolen from Apple.

Samsung G400 Soul – Shiny Shiny

It depresses me slightly to see a mobile phone that is in a clamshell form factor and has a larger external screen that the internal one on my clamshell. But, I guess that’s how Samsung rolls, go big or go home.

Urban Tool holster kind of makes you look like a tool

So these bags are designed in various wacky shapes and sizes primarily to simulate a gun holster (at least from what I’ve seen that’s what I get). Except instead of carrying firearms and ammunition, they carry your useful gadgets, ID, things of that nature.

Asus Eee PC 8.9-inch model – now you can open your eyes wide

As we saw yesterday, Asus has a new Eee PC model out with an 8.9” screen. The resolution for the screen has also been upped to 1024x600 meaning you’ll have to squint a little less now. As for its storage, Asus said it will be available with SSD up to 12GB.

ClearChat PC Wireless headset from Logitech – great for those prone to wandering

Logitech has a new headset for your wireless pleasure. Suggested uses include online chats, gaming, or even just plain old music listening. It has a microphone attached, ear pads so it fits comfortably, and the USB adapter to connect it to your computer.

ThermalTake Cases – can make even a 386 look badass

They have a new XaserVI Mx case that is a mid-tower version of the amazing XaserVI. They’ve kept the whole thing covered in mesh metal grills, filled with fans, and organized so that the GPU(s), CPU(s), and HDD(s) all have their own path of air flow for optimal cooling. There is tool-free installation of everything except the motherboard and power supply, and the mid-tower size will look a little better on top of your desk.

Spruce up your new CloudBook with PhotoFair

Have you finally gotten your hands on the elusive Everex CloudBook yet? After a couple of delays, some people were worried it might never come. However, it's in the wild and working hard to dethrone the Eee PC as the champion of tiny notebooks. If you've gotten one for yourself and want to spruce it up a bit, here's the perfect way to do it.

Asus EcoBook – get wood

Apparently this notebook is part of some sort of new green initiative over at Asus and is made from bamboo. I must say myself, it looks simply amazing.

ASUS Lamborghini ZX1 phone – for cruising through the mobile web at high speeds

It has a 2.8-inch touch screen with 65k colors and 240x320 resolution. It also has a 450MHz TI processor to drive the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS that’s running on it.

NAVIGON 8110 GPS – is a good listener

Not only does it have a nice shiny Aluminum surface and a 4.8-inch screen, but it also has voice commands. You can use those commands to bring up the new 3D navigation that the unit offers up.

TomTom GO 930, 730 & 530 with new HD GPRS traffic receiver

TomTom have launched a new range of in-car GPS sat nav units at CeBIT 2008 today, together with a GPRS-enabled traffic receiver that plugs directly into a car's cigarette lighter.  The three new devices, the 930, 730 and 530, all feature the company's new IQ Routes technology which not only takes into account distance and permitted road speeds in calculating routes but also real-world typical speeds.  TomTom are claiming that in 50-percent of journeys this new algorithm results in a different, quicker route than before.  The GPS units also add Advanced Lane Guidance, which introduces more realistic junction diagrams, arrows indicating lane transitions and better voice prompts. 

Asus G70 gaming notebook – like playground bully, big and mischievous

It has a fast-response 17-inch monitor built into its large body. It uses Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo processors and can be stuffed with up to 4GB of memory.

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