cebit 2008

Gigabyte M704 UMPC – more robust than the M528 MID

This device is an actual UMPC, not a mobile internet device, and it has a 7” screen and 780 gram weight to prove it. The screen on this one is an actual touch-screen though, meaning you can control everything from the screen.

Gigabyte Roll Pad passive notebook cooler – makes me hungry for California Roll

Basically, what this is is a giant heat sink for the bottom of your notebook. It attracts the heat from the bottom of your notebook, and due to the metal it’s made out of, is able to dissipate the heat faster than your notebook or your lap.

Gigabyte M528 MID – small and light, yet powerful, like dynamite

It has a 4.8-inch screen, which should give you a reference for dimensions, and it weighs a mere 340 grams. Technically it’s being called an MID or Mobile Internet Device, but it looks pretty capable.

Belkin Conserve saves power and prevents surges from damaging your electronics

There are a total of 8 outlets on this surge protector. The two that aren’t included in the outlined box are the only two “always-on” outlets on the strip.

Laptop Hideaway from Belkin – nice for home users of notebooks

Basically this is a somewhat rigid bag that doesn’t close, but it holds your laptop, accessories, and power cords and keeps them out of the way without looking obscene. It would go perfect next to your bed, recliner, wherever you are usually laptoping.

n52te SpeedPad from Belkin and Razer – goes well with the Razer Salmosa

So you bought yourself that new fancy mouse that Razer released yesterday, that occupies your lightening quick reflexes on your right hand, now you need something for your left hand. Well, Belkin has upgraded their n52 SpeedPad by letting Razer in on the action to work their performance enhancing magic and now we have the n52te for your left hand.

FlyWire by Belkin – another wireless HD streaming contender

It seems like this is the year for wireless HD streaming, and Belkin is throwing their hat in the ring with everyone else. One thing this device has going for it that not very many other wireless HD streamers I’ve seen have is it look fashionable, instead of like something you’d want to hid out of sight.

Podcast Studio by Belkin – for all your mobile podcasting needs

This device is rather amazing, it allows you to record your podcasts and interviews on the fly, directly to your iPod. Then it automatically syncs, and can even auto upload, that content the next time you sync your iPod.

TuneBase FM from Belkin – finally a decent FM transmitter for iPhone and iPod Touch

These days its not exactly easy to find device that utilize the dock connector that work with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch as well as other iPods. Finding a decent FM transmitter is even harder, but I think Belkin has done just that.

Panasonic KX-TDE600 enterprise level VoIP systems – looks like a CRT TV

I really have no clue why the designers thought this rack mounted system needed to look like a CRT television with a burnt in image of “Panasonic” smack dab in the middle. Regardless, we’ve slowly managed to move from the office, to the IDF, and now this would be something more likely found at the demarcation point.

Panasonic KX-NCP500/1000 Telecommunications Platform – takes up at least 2U of rack space

This platform is for setting up your VoIP network. It has the ability to be upgraded and works with all sorts of VoIP communications devices. It even has integrated desktop and network applications.

Panasonic KX-NT700 VoIP based conference phone – looks like a small landing pad

Just because it was intended for use on IP based phone networks doesn’t mean Panasonic was naïve enough to leave out the old fashioned analog telephone service as an option as well. Furthermore, it looks fairly easy to use whether you are connecting via IP or POTS.

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