cebit 2008

n52te SpeedPad from Belkin and Razer – goes well with the Razer Salmosa

So you bought yourself that new fancy mouse that Razer released yesterday, that occupies your lightening quick reflexes on your right hand, now you need something for your left hand. Well, Belkin has upgraded their n52 SpeedPad by letting Razer in on the action to work their performance enhancing magic and now we have the n52te for your left hand.

FlyWire by Belkin – another wireless HD streaming contender

It seems like this is the year for wireless HD streaming, and Belkin is throwing their hat in the ring with everyone else. One thing this device has going for it that not very many other wireless HD streamers I’ve seen have is it look fashionable, instead of like something you’d want to hid out of sight.

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