World of Warcraft: Cataclysm to be Released Midnight, December 6th 2010 at (all?) Hastings Entertainment Locations

Festivities at this chain-wide super nerd party will begin at 10PM and end after Warcraft: Cataclysm goes on sale at midnight (at which point everyone will calmly exit the building, run at full speed back to their houses and apartments, and promptly play for a week straight.) At the party before midnight, however, people just chilling out will be able to enjoy 30% off basically everything in the used category: CDs, books, video games, and movies.

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Philips MCD900 and MCi900 Announced, Featuring SoundSphere Systems

There's nothing slowing down the in-home audio equipment movement, that's for sure. With two brand new units unveiled by Philips today, the MCD900 and MCi900 wager that they pack enough features within their sleek frames, and will capture your eye with their stylish curves, that they'll be the next units you drop your hard earned cash on. Of course, in the market you've got to be pretty fierce and option up plenty of specifications and features to make anyone interested in your announcement. Thankfully, Philips has us covered.

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Vaseline can fix scratched CDs?

I don't put my CDs or DVDs up after I use them typically. I tend to stack them in a pile on my desk or on the shelf behind my desk. I guess the kids learned the same thing from me since they tend to leave discs stacked as well. That means we often end up with games and movies that are too scratched to play.

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Kisses CD holder isn’t made of chocolate

I'm not the kind of person who tends to put things back in their box when I am done with them. For instance, my PC games and software CDs tend to stand in a stack on my desk most of their life. Sure, that causes scratches but as long as they work, I don’t really care.

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