Findables Flex smartphone cases offer custom QR codes

Findables is offering cases for a variety of smartphones, among them being the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 3, that feature custom QR codes on the back, as well as a fold-out bottom section that serves as a sort of stand. The QR codes can then be registered with a profile by the user, allowing others to scan it and access that profile, something particularly useful if the device is lost while out and about.

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Liquipel Skins debut as protection from physical damage

Liquipel is known for its unique method of waterproofing gadgets that sprays an invisible protective coating over devices and in crevices. However, the company is branching away from that and is launching a new line of products called Skins, which are essentially protective cases that prevent damage from happening due to drops.

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iPhone 5S and “Light” model schematics tipped by case maker

This year has seen it's fair share of Apple iPhone 5S and "budget" iPhone tips and rumors, and as it always seems to go, close to a release, case-makers are ramping up efforts to make their accessories hit the market first. Even though the next-generation iPhone (or iPhones) are not yet confirmed by Apple as such, this week a set of images has been pushed to the public from a set of sources that say they've got the real deal.

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Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One Review

The nightly recharge is a fact of life with most modern smartphones, and the HTC One is no different, but what if you could double your runtime and protect your expensive new toy in the process? That's what Mophie promises from the Juice Pack for the HTC One, a combination external battery and hard case that, when wrapped around your phone, should let even the most ambitious power-user escape the tyranny of the charger. All that flexibility comes at a price, however: $99.95 and a considerably larger device in your pocket. Is the Mophie Juice Pack worth the compromise? Read on for our full review.

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RokForm v3 accessories turn smartphones to wall-mounted televisions

The accessory company RokForm has been releasing accessories since 2010, coming up here in 2013 with a family of components that allow a smartphone - one of several models - to be attached to essentially any hard surface you've got near you. Though the group continues to keep the use cases for their accessories wide open, we'd like to suggest one that's proven itself to be pretty neat right here at home: dish washing.

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Pelican ProGear Vault unleashed: iPhone 5 gains ultra-rugged protection

When you grab a Pelican case for your electronics, you know good and well that you're trusting your most precious bits of metal, plastic, and glass to the best. What you've got available to you today is a couple of iPhone 5 cases that'll keep you from essentially any kind of damage - toss it down a flight of stairs into a bucket of water if you want! One of these two cases is pretty darn amazing, the other is undeniably top-of-the-line.

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