Hackintosh Jr. casemod

This casemod probably won't be mistaken for official Apple hardware, but then it cost a whole lot less than it would to boil a Mac Pro tower down to 5.5-inches high.  The handiwork of modder Widefault, it's a compact low-power Hackintosh running OS X on salvaged components.

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8ft Steampunk Frankenstein Computer case mod

As insane Steampunk PC case mods go, this Frankenstein machine by D. Mattocks will take some beating.  Standing almost eight feet tall, and bristling with copper piping, vintage gauges and glass indicator lights from an old navy ship, it's not so much a computer as a tribute to H.G. Wells, Dr Frankenstein and the sort of coffin Isambard Kingdom Brunel would've probably liked to be buried in.

The vent was salvaged from an old church, and now acts as the air inlet for the water-cooling system.  Meanwhile everything is backlight with green cold-cathode tubes, which manage to make the Frankenstein Computer look even more ominous.  Happily one of the gauges does actually show the computer temperature, though there's probably not a steam blow-off valve.

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Lian Li limited run tower PC-888 is massive

Lian Li is known for its out-of-ordinary PC armor, well constructed craftsmanship chassis with styles and quality. In fact, I still have two of the of Lian-Li cases with its infamous separate compartments design, love it; but they are rather humble, typical black case with over-sized fans, and nothing like this special edition PC-888 you about to see.

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CES 2009 : Lian Li PC-B70 and PC-B71 Tower Chassis

Lian Li is shaking thing up in PC armor department with its Pre-CES announcement; unveiled two high end PC tower chassis, PC-B70 and PC-B71 for end users who are looking for stylish design, and acoustics damping as a part of their computer system with tool-less accessible parts and oversize fans.

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