Sony HDR-SR12 HD camcorder packing 120GB internal storage

Sony HDR-SR12 HD camcorder packing 120GB internal storage

Sony Korea has come out with the HDR-SR12 camcorder featuring 120GB internal hard drive. Having 120GB storage for HD video recording is very convenient; no more switching tapes during recording.

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Automobile’s Rearview Mirror DVR, Captures Everthing Right in Front of you Eyes

If you’ve been wrongfully accused of a car accident, didn’t you wish to have a video footage to prove your innocence? Here’s one for thought, Brickhouse Security has a unique mobile DVR that built in a car rearview mirror. It’s using a Sony 1/3” CCD sensor and capable to capture video resolution of NTSC 510X 492 or PAL 500X582 in wide angle and low light condition.

Mini Pocket DV with Sporty Cam for all your sport filming needs

I don’t care for sports other than soccer and hockey and that’s only because the fights associated with those two sports are a lot cooler than any other, including boxing. However, there are those fanatics out there and I’m almost positive they would love the Mini Pocket DV with Sporty Cam an other products like it as it give you a first person point of view of the action going on.

Hitachi releasing new Blu-Ray/HDD camcorder DZ-BD9H

This camera can record on one of three things, the 60GB hard drive, an 8 centimeter Blu-Ray disc, or an 8cm DVD. Sadly the resolutions and bit rates get so high that about 720x480, the camera’s lowest setting, DVD isn’t even an option, and even at that lowest setting, you only get 20-30 minutes of recording on a DVD.

Disgo Video Plus Camcorder

The Disgo Video Plus has two great features that come with it. You can fit it in your pocket and you won’t break $100 if your spring for it. Its features aren’t that bad either.

Sony HDR-UX20 Camcorder

Sony is putting out a new DVD-based camcorder with 1080p HD recording called the HDR-UX20. It has a new encoding system that optimizes the balance between image definition and file size and uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video codec to be compatible with a lot of third party editing software.

Holophone H4 SuperMINI 5.1 surround-sound microphone

Bizarrely resembling some sort of egg balancing on a brick teetering on your camcorder, the Holophone H4 SuperMINI is in fact an all-in-one 5.1 surround sound microphone, capable of bringing Dolby Pro Logic II encoding to the prosumer film-maker.  The question is, though, is it any good?  That's why slapped one onto their JVC GY-HD250 and set to work testing it out.


Cherry Picks 2008: JVC HD Everio Camcorder

This amazing HD camera has 3 CCDs and can record at a max resolution of 1440x1080. You don’t have to try and store that video on a flash card either, which might get you an hour of record time at that resolution, instead, there is a 60GB HDD built in.

Cherry Picks 2008: Steadicam Arm and Vest Kit for Merlin

The Steadicam ultra-lightweight Arm and Vest is designed to support the Merlin camera stabilizing system. It makes extended shooting effortless with heavy (7.5lbs) cameras.

It’s designed to fit any shape/size and can actually be worn under clothes, including a tux. It has a lifting range of 28” with barely no force necessary. It’s tool free which means it can be adjusted “on the fly”.

Win a Samsung 40” HDTV or Camcorder with Samsung-Brickfish’s ‘Your baby Love’ Campaign

Folks, Samsung is teaming up with Brickfish to bring you Nicole Scherzinger ‘Your baby Love’ Campaign - Video yourself singing the Nicole S. Song! The contest is simple, record yourself singing ‘Baby Love’ by Nicole Scherzinger, submit the video and you could win a Samsung 40” LCD HDTV, P2 Portable Media Player, MX10 flash memory Cam or $500 cash! We seen plenty of talents from youtube, if you can’t make it to American Idol then stop singing in the shower, tape it and show them you got the ‘Baby Love’ too. Good luck!

Samsung Launches Brickfish™ Campaign to Find ``Your Baby Love'' [via businesswire]

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is durable and small

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is durable and small

There’s nothing quite like getting your family on video during the holidays. Especially if you’re family is prone to drinking or blurting out secrets during meal time. Having a tiny hand held camcorder can come in real handy in getting the good shots unbeknownst to your relatives.

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SlashDeal : Sanyo Xacti HD700 Camcorder $299 at

Amazon is selling the Xacti HD700 for $299, 50% off retail price. The compact HD camcorder captures 720p HD videos. It takes decent pictures but did terrible in low light environment. It records directly to an SD (SDHC) card and sports HDMI output. We recently purchased one for $349 during the black Friday from, but now is lowering the price even more. It's a decent HD camcorder, especially this compact; we are getting another one!

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