Flip Video offers Flip Video Action Tripod

Flip has been making its awesome little camcorders for a long time now including the Ultra HD, MinoHD, and the Slide HD. The Flip camcorders are cheap and that low price makes them some of the most popular camcorders on the market today. Flip has a new accessory for its camcorder line that has debuted.

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JVC GX-PX1 hybrid gets hands-on play: 60fps stills & 36Mbps 1080p

JVC only had a concept of the GX-PX1 hybrid camera/camcorder back at CES 2011, so we spent more time with the 3D-capable GS-TD1 instead, but it seems the company's engineers have been busy. Impress grabbed some hands-on time with the latest version, which looks a little like a blend of Sony's NEX interchangeable lens cameras and JVC's regular camcorders, and it's shaping up to be an interesting model indeed.

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V.I.O. POV.HD sports camcorder up for pre-order

I have a Go Pro HD camera that I use for recording things in a car and for a few other purposes. The camera is a waterproof sports camera, but for it to be waterproof it has to be inside a plastic shell. V.I.O. has unveiled new sports camera called the POV.HD that is waterproof and doesn't need a plastic shell to survive the rough world of sports recording.

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Samsung’s HMX-H300 Consumer HD Camcorder Hands-On

As technology progresses, users are not only looking for ways to capture and share special moments, but they’re looking for easier and higher quality ways to do so. Samsung has always been a key player in the HD camcorder market, and they are continuing their push into the market with the newly announced HMX-H300.

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