Buffalo 16GB & 32GB SSDs for Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Buffalo 16GB & 32GB SSDs for Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Buffalo have announced two new SSD upgrade kits for the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook.  Available in 16GB and 32GB capacities, the chips replace the standard SSD storage in the budget ultraportable, which can be specified with as little as 4GB from Dell themselves.

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Buffalo 500GB 2.5-inch SATA hard drive launches

Buffalo 500GB 2.5-inch SATA hard drive launches

In this day and age, everyone could do with a little bit more hard drive space. After all, with all of our MP3s, movie files and multimedia, it's pretty easy to blast through the space allotted when you buy a new laptop. But the 500GB 2.5" Sata HDD from Buffalo launched today should help put the space issue to rest for many mobile warrior.

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Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS with 6TB capacity

Buffalo TeraStation Pro NAS with 6TB capacity

Buffalo's TeraStation Pro has just received a significant capacity bump, with the Japanese arm of the company announcing a 6TB version of the network-attached-storage device, the TS-H6.0TGL/R5.  Four 1.5TB hard-drives are set up in a quick-swap RAID array, capable of RAID 0, 1, 5 or 10 setups, with gigabit network connectivity and jumbo frame support.

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Buffalo MicroStation SSD: USB solid-state storage

Buffalo have unveiled their latest MicroStation portable storage solution, and this time around the company has used SSD rather than a traditional hard-drive.  Available in three capacities - 32GB, 64GB and 100GB - the MicroStation SSD is USB powered, with no external PSU required, and the cable itself wraps around the drive when not in use.

Buffalo 32GB & 64GB SSD expansion for ASUS Eee

Buffalo have announced an expansion board for the ASUS Eee which adds extra SSD-based storage.  The board, which plugs into the Eee's mini PCI-Express slot, will be available in 32GB and 64GB capacities.

SlashGear Week in Review – April 7th through April 13th

This was a long week with no major events occurring, but there were some pretty big announcements. For starters we have a new BitTorrent Set Top Box from Myka, no more will you have to waste power by leaving your entire computer running all night just to get the latest screener from FXG or aXXo, and this little set top box will do it for you and then play it right from its hard drive for added ease. Then there were rumors abound of Blockbuster potentially putting out a new Set Top Box to push their movies, TV Shows, and other content out to.

Buffalo’s latest LinkStation fits in the palm of your hand – called the LinkStation Mini

Buffalo has done it again expanding their LinkStation NAS line with a new smaller model. The LinkStation mini uses a pair of those 500GB 2.5” notebook drives that everyone’s been cranking out to make an NAS that you can carry around with you.

Buffalo flash drives not coming to US after all – why’s everybody picking on Buffalo?

It seems that every time a major lawsuit is launched against a plethora of companies, Buffalo is the first to get hit. Like the one about the WiFi patents from Australia like a year or two ago, Buffalo got hit first and hardest, now SanDisk is suing everyone and their brother in a new flash drive lawsuit and Buffalo gets hit first.

Buffalo External Drive features Quad-Interface

Have you noticed the popularity of FireWire is slowly declining in PC industry? Take 1394B or FW 800 for example, you don’t see them anymore. I have a 5-year old Abit mobo with four FireWires built-in, pair of 800 and 400 each, but you barely get one with FW400 these days. Pity, I like the speed of FireWire better than USB 2.0 when it comes to external drive or card reader. But there’s one better than both, the Esata.

Buffalo rolls out three Blu-Ray Burners, external and internal drives

Blu-ray is not only started to show dominant in CE fields, I have a feeling that future releases in PC industry will focus more on sole Blu-Ray recorder than the combo drive with HD-DVD. Take Buffalo for example, they will roll out three new Blu-Ray burners late of this month, one external with USB and two sata-internal drives. Yes, they have announced a combo drive back in CES with ability to read HD-DVD as well, but that was the beginning of HD-DVD downfall.

Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo review

So I met with Buffalo at CES, and then shortly after they were kind enough to send me their LinkStation Pro Duo for review. I must say I am impressed, it is quite squarely aimed at business users, but for home users, it has some fairly useful features as well.

CES 2008: Buffalo announce HD-DVD & Blu-Ray USB combo drive

Back in August we showed you the dual Blu-Ray and HD-DVD USB drive Buffalo were planning on launching in Japan, and lamented its absence elsewhere in the world; well, at CES 2008 they're announcing US availability, meaning that the format-indecisive can take their pick from both new standards, as well as the old favourites CD and DVD.


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