Boxee Box by D-Link ships Nov 10; general sales Nov 17

Boxee finally have an official release date for their Boxee Box by D-Link, with the media streaming cube shipping on November 10, 2010 to customers who pre-order it through Amazon in the US or Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada, and then November 17 through D-Link's normal distributors.  Street price is estimated at $199 (the MRSP is $229) and the Boxee Box supports Full HD 1080p and 5.1 surround sound.

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Boxee Box Lands in the FCC, Poses for Pictures

If you're still interested in getting your hands on the Boxee Box, its presence at the FCC, and the fact it went up for pre-order last week, should tell you that its retail release is getting closer and closer. The Box has landed in the FCC and begun its inspection process. In that process, the FCC set the box up in all sorts of poses, taking snapshots along the way of both the interior and exterior.

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Boxee Box gets Intel CE4100 as Tegra 2 dumped; $199 preorders today

Bad news for NVIDIA, whose Tegra 2 chipset has been dropped by D-Link and Boxee for the upcoming Boxee Box by D-Link.  According to Boxee's Avner Ronen, despite NVIDIA's hype the Tegra 2 chipset couldn't cope with H.264 HD video as it was able to with high-profile VC-1, and as such they replaced it with Intel's Atom CE4100.  Boxee has partnered with Amazon and Best Buy to kick off preorders of the now $229 Boxee Box later on today.

Update: Boxee has been in touch to let us know that, while the MRSP of the Boxee Box will be $229, it'll be up for preorder - and have a street price - of $199.

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Boxee Box to Feature Webkit Browser, Push HTML5

It's been a long time since we heard anything about the D-Link built Boxee Box, but we're willing to say that it was worth the wait to hear good news such as this. The Box is still primed to launch some time in November, for the same price of $199. The change comes more in the software: the new Box will feature a Webkit Browser, and thanks to some choice words from Rob Spectre, it looks like they're going to make a hard push for HTML5.

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Boxee comments on new Apple TV

Yesterday Apple unveiled the new Apple TV that doesn’t suck nearly as much as the original. The new device is much more of a direct competitor to the Boxee Box that is due for an update this November. Boxee has commented on the new Apple TV and defends its coming update and the roughly $100 more expensive price point.

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Boxee paid-content due July/August; iPad & Android plans tipped

Boxee have announced that their promised paid-content upgrade will be arriving in July or August 2010, now that they've settled on payment partner Vindicia.  Interestingly, while the system will debut on Boxee's current TV platform, the company highlights Vindicia's cross-platform compatibility and say they will "eventually" expand to mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android and iPad.

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The Daily Slash: April 15th 2010

Ah, it's Thursday. We're well into the final stretch, folks, so stay on track! We're happy to have you here with us, partaking in the Daily Slash that we love so much to bring to the world. We've got quite the assortment for you tonight, so we're going to have to get right into it. Hopefully you don't mind. First up, in the Best of R3, we've got some pretty impressive numbers for the Android community; we've got plans for the iPad Camera connection accessory; and finally we've got an internal document that may bring a little extra to a newly official handset. And then in the 'net, Sony seems to be outsourcing their VAIO lineup; Google is bringing the goats back to Mountain View; another report says the next iPhone is definitely getting announced in June; and finally, Boxee loves all screens types.

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Boxee defend Hulu integration in response to NBC blast

Boxee's on-again, off-again love affair with Hulu has been one of the more frustrating elements of the otherwise excellent media player, and while we pondered out loud last month that paywall propositions from both companies might lead to a more amicable arrangement, it seems the entertainment industry knives are still out.  Earlier this week, Jeff Zucker, President and CEO of NBC, accused Boxee of "illegally taking" Hulu content and that NBC would be "open to negotiations" with the software firm; Boxee have responded by denying that they have done anything illegal, and pointed at the content providers, not Hulu, for insisting on the block.

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