Arthur Frommer buys back namesake travel guides to keep print editions going

Back in August of 2012, we first heard rumblings that technology giant Google was going to purchase the popular line of Frommer's travel guides. It was no surprise that Google's main intent was to use the content from these guides to bolster search results having to do with local places and attractions. Last month Google announced that it would stop publishing these guides as print editions.

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Marvel Unlimited brings 13,000 comics to iOS for $60 a year

When you're a real hardcore comic book collector, you don't often think about the idea of owning every single comic book ever made - but Marvel does. As one of the most well-known and well-read comic brands in the industry for many, many years, Marvel Comics began ushering in the digital age several years ago with digital versions of their illustrated stories on the web - and more recently in mobile apps. Now they've brought their ultra-popular unlimited access pass to a 13,000 comic collection - nearly their whole back-catalogue spanning over 70 years - humongous!

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Barnes & Noble founder looking to buy back company

Barnes & Noble has certainly seen better days. They're expecting a huge loss on their NOOK business, and they could close 30% of their stores this year (but may possibly open a few new ones in different locations. With all this said, it's no wonder that the company is looking to change some things around. In fact, the company's founder, Leonard Riggio, is pondering the idea of buying the company back from shareholders.

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Barnes & Noble to close 30% of stores within the decade [UPDATE]

If you still love shopping for books by hand at your local Barnes & Noble, enjoy it while you can, because the company has announced that its cutting its store force by 30% within 10 years, lowering the total number of bookstores for the company down to 450 to 500 stores in the US. Right now, the company operates just under 700 locations, with a separate store chain of 675 college-focused stores.

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Kobo Arc now on sale in Canada, UK, and France

Kobo has announced that their newest device, the Arc tablet, is available for purchase in Canada and the United Kingdom, while France will have it stock starting on Monday. Kobo is an often forgotten brand, thanks to the dominance of Amazon's Kindle series of products, as well as Barnes & Noble's NOOK ereaders and tablets. However, it seems Kobo is looking to make an international dent in the market with its Arc tablet.

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Oxford Dictionaries names “GIF” as 2012 word of the year

The GIF has been around for over 25 years, and 2012 was a huge year for the file format, and probably its most popular year yet with animated GIFs showing up all over the place. With that said, it makes sense that Oxford Dictionaries has named "GIF" the 2012 word of the year in the US, with "omnishambles" claiming the title in the UK.

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