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Titanfall Xbox 360 release detailed

The final first-wave version of Titanfall is nearly here. It’s been confirmed and re-confirmed several times at this point, finally landing on the 8th of April, and today those responsible for its development are speaking up. What we’re to understand this week is that the final presentation is really a looker - despite technical limitations.

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Titanfall Xbox 360 release delayed to April 8th

Though we’d originally been informed that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall would be pushed at the same time as the Xbox One version, then that it’d come a bit later in March, now it’s headed for April. This change has been made due to the Bluepoint Games development of the game not being entirely perfect before launch, moving the launch from March 25th now to April 8th. The PC (through Origin) and Xbox One versions of Titanfall have been available since March 11th, 2014.

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Titanfall release date on Xbox 360 explained: “a better game a few weeks later”

This week as the Titanfall Beta gameplay comes to a close, the one group of users not able to play the game thus far comes to the forefront: Xbox 360 users. These ravenous users of the past generation’s Microsoft-made console have been rumbling about the release date for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall being later than the Xbox One / PC - that date is March 25th, mind you, while the Xbox One and PC will see the game released on the 11th. Turns out Respawn Entertainment (behind Titanfall for PC and Xbox One) are working closely with Bluepoint Games (developers behind Xbox 360 version) to make certain the game is delivered at top-notch quality.

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