Renault relents: Twizy EV finally gets windows

Renault's electric-powered Twizy city car has gained an set of windows ahead of the winter, an unusual option for what's already an oddball vehicle. The twin-seater EV - which sits driver and passenger in a line, rather than side by side - usually lacks anything on the sides beyond a simple safety bar that hinges across the door. That may be practical for sunnier climates, but those facing a wet winter were unsurprisingly less convinced, and so Renault has some optional windows.

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Experiment ZR012 puts some Wankel on your wrist

We all love a good Wankel, and crazy watchmakers MB&F and URWERK have put the spinning, meshing polygons to excellent use in the limited edition C3H5N3O9 "Nitro" Experiment ZR012 timepiece. Fronted by a unique Wankel-inspired movement that shows hours and minutes on a pair of eccentric rotating Reuleaux polygons, Experiment ZR012 will be released as a limited run of just twelve, hypnotic examples.

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Red Bull Stratos helmet cam shows terrifying 128k foot fall

New video from the helmet-mounted camera of 128,100 foot skydiver Felix Baumgartner has been released, showing the daredevil's plummeting return to Earth from the edges of the stratosphere. The video, shown on Austrian TV, is a stomach-turning insight into just how incredible Baumgartner's dive proved to be, with speeds reaching 833mph at one point. Meanwhile, a mission highlights video from the Red Bull Stratos team makes the whole thing look terribly easy.

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Red Bull Stratos supersonic dive is go! Watch it here…

Jumping from the edge of space and trying to break the speed of sound as a parachutist probably isn't how most of us are spending Sunday, but the Red Bull Stratos mission is underway again for another attempt at the record. Having been cancelled last week after weather issues, and postponed in the days following after forecasts refused to play ball, the climb through the atmosphere to 120,000 feet is now on.

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smart forstars concept includes projector-snout and smartphone remote

What's that, your car doesn't have a projector hidden in its hood? You're obviously not as achingly cool as smart, with the German car brand outing its forstars SUC (Sports Utility Coupé) at the Paris Auto Show today. Tipped to offer "a glimpse of the brand's future design idiom" the electric two-seater features a 60 kW magneto-electric motor, replaces the rear-view mirror with a smartphone dock hooked up to a camera, and hides a projector in the grille for impromptu screenings.

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Cirque du Soleil’s bizarre Movi.Kanti.Revo goes live with webcam control

The camera-controlled Cirque du Soleil experience Google demonstrated at IO 2012 has gone live, with Movi.Kanti.Revo bringing a bizarre mixture of virtual acrobatics and dance into your browser. For Cirque du Soleil it's an opportunity to broaden its reach from the best-selling stage show; for Google, it's a chance to demonstrate why the browser is the computing arena of the future, in this case thanks to WebRTC.

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Impossible Instant Lab offers Polaroid stills from your iPhone snaps

The Impossible Project isn't content with restarting Polaroid's abandoned instant film production; it also has a Kickstarter, offering a decidedly odd-looking way of getting instant prints from your iPhone. Rather than plugging in via the dock connector, as we've seen other mobile printers do, the Impossible Instant Lab takes an altogether more accordion-like approach, basically slapping the iPhone on top of a modified Polaroid camera base.

Now there’s irony: Hacked FBI agent the posterboy for hacker collaboration

The FBI agent whose hacked laptop gave up a 12m-strong database of Apple device user details was the star of a promo encouraging hackers to get involved with the agency, it's been revealed in an ironic twist to the tale. Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl was featured in a 2009 recruitment video titled "Wanted by the FBI: Cyber Security Experts," in which he called on those "with computer science backgrounds" to get involved with the federal agency.

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Bruce Willis reportedly livid over iTunes death rules

Bruce Willis may not be the most likely candidate for a war on Apple and digital media licensing, but the Die Hard star has apparently engaged the lawyers in order to preserve his iTunes library legacy. Willis was supposedly outraged to discover that, upon his death, the licenses to his music, video, ebook, and other media purchased through iTunes will not be passed on to his children, The Sun reports, and is exploring ways to work around the rules.

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Rapper is no stranger to musical stunts, but premiering his latest track on Mars courtesy of the Curiosity rover is perhaps the oddest so far. The outlandish artist will reveal his newest record, "Reach for the Stars," on Tuesday, August 28, NASA has confirmed, as part of an educational event discussing interplanetary transmissions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

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Cat Immersion Project creates crowdsourced kitty cocoon

Here's something Google's Glass can't do: create a virtual tent of cats for those times when you can't be around your favorite furball. The Cat Immersion Project is the bizarre and brilliant DIY handiwork of the staff at the Seattle Children's Hospital, projecting photos of more than 3,000 cats into a tented space - complete with purring sound effects - so that 16-year-old cancer patient Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem could get her dose of felines despite being in protective isolation.

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