Omote “living makeup” uses mind-blowing projection mapping

Projecting computer graphics onto buildings or rooms to make them digitally come alive isn't new, but how about if your canvas is a living, moving, human face? Omote does just that, a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping that takes a model's face and turns it into something far more mesmerizing, even as it moves around.

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Here’s a Smart EV drag-racing a Mustang and a Boxster

In a drag race challenge between a Smart EV, a Ford Mustang, Audi A5, and Porsche Boxster, which car do you think might win? If you guessed the diminutive Smart, then we hope you didn't put any money on that bet; unsurprisingly, the city car is thoroughly trounced, which you'd think would be an odd sales strategy for Smart itself to use. However, Smart has in mind a different type of drag race.

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Infiniti’s Q50 can drive itself (so this driver rode shotgun)

Fresh from the road-safety division of the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" department, a self-driving example of how our cars are certainly smarter than ever. Infiniti's Q50 has, like many luxury sedans of the moment, a host of driver assistance aids that can collectivity keep the car in lane, maintain pace with surrounding traffic, and generally mimic some of what Google and others are working on for autonomous vehicles. That encouraged one tester to switch on the tech and then jump out of the driver's seat.

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Hot Wheels’ Darth Vader Car is as subtle as a lightsaber to the face

Hot Wheels' Darth Vader Car left us perplexed when we first saw the one-off, full-sized Star Wars themed monster the company had crafted for SDCC this week, but after seeing it in action on the road everything becomes clear. The gaping-mouthed racer - about which "distinctive" would be a decided understatement - stars in a new video for the company, looking every bit as intimidating as the Sith Lord himself.

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Hot Wheels made this Darth Vader car, and we don’t know what to think

Hot Wheels and Star Wars may not be the most obvious crossover, but Mattel isn't letting that stop it, producing a full-sized, working reproduction of its new Darth Vader car especially for San Diego Comic-Con. The outlandish vehicle - built, for the road-going version at least, on the guts of a Corvette C5 - not only bears the Sith Lord's gaping maw, but actually makes his distinctive breathing sounds, too.

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Hawaii is shooting lasers at birds and it’s for their own good

Filling the skies with laser beams and hoping birds fly into them doesn't, at first glance, seem the best way to prevent endangered species from dwindling in number even further, but it's exactly what one Hawaiian island is doing. The light grids - made up of thirty focused green lasers - are being mounted on electricity poles by service operator Kauai Island Utility Cooperative, in the hope that they'll prevent birds from crashing into the cables.

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