RIAA website caught sharing copyrighted content

The folks over at Torrent Freak have made a habit of monitoring certain known digital pirate havens using ScanEye, a BitTorrent tracking platform. While we assume that is mostly an uneventful task, yesterday they came across something very interesting: a dozen or so instances of adult content videos being seeded by an IP address originating from the RIAA, which is known for rabidly pursuing those who share content via torrent networks.

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Torrented 3D-printed gun blueprints shows Internet can’t be silenced

In case you missed it, yesterday the Department of Defense went after the much-publicized "The Liberator" 3D-printed gun, which has been successfully tested and can be created entirely (with the exception of the firing pin) with ABS plastic and a 3D printer. According to the US Department of Defense Trade Controls, the company responsible for the gun - Defense Distributed - could have violated the International Traffic in Arms Regulation by distributing the CAD file without authorization under the Arms Export Control Act. As a result, the file was pulled the same day it went live, but not after having been downloaded over 100,000 times. Now it has reached torrent websites, and there's no taking it back.

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Netflix: piracy rate goes down when we arrive

Media companies have been in a constant battle with piracy for several years now with no end in site. However, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos thinks that the best way to fight piracy isn't through legislation or trying to catch people and throw them in jail, but rather to offer legal services that are reasonably priced.

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Pirates suggest Copyright Alert System inefficient with crowdsource tests

On February 25th, several United States ISPs got together and decided to launch the Copyright Alert System (CAS) in order to stop online piracy. With the CAS, ISPs would be able to detect when one of their users downloaded files illegally, and they would issue a warning to the user. The ISPs call it the "6 strikes" program, where the user would be warned up to 6 times, with each consecutive warning being more aggressive than the previous. Pirates from all around wanted to test out just how efficient the new CAS system was.

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Pirate Bay North Korea move slightly exaggerated

The website and ecosystem known as The Pirate Bay are known for their involvement in the uploads and downloads of countless files across the internet and the legal ramifications of their involvement with said files - and this week they've moved to North Korea. Or so they say they did this month. In fact what they've done is to - so they say - set up a ruse to capture the attention of the public so that they public can become more aware of the fact that anyone can tell them a lie.

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Pirate Bay flees to North Korea for freedom’s sake

It looks like The Pirate Bay has set sail for another country, and a country none of us would have expected. North Korea has taken The Pirate Bay in, and has even offered it virtual asylum. It was only last week when The Pirate Bay was forced from its home in Sweden due to the threats the Swedish Pirate Party received from a local anti-piracy group. TPB was then provided shelter in both Norway and Spain.

UPDATE: Courtesy of The Pirate Bay itself, this news announcement was a complete hoax. Have a peek at the real story in our March 5th report.

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The Pirate Bay forced from Sweden, heads for Norway and Spain

Due to a slew of threats from a local anti-piracy group, Sweden's Pirate Party had to let go of The Pirate Bay. The local anti-piracy group, Rights Alliance, told the Swedish Pirate Party that if they continued to work with The Pirate Bay beyond today, they would be faced with legal action. What makes the Right Alliance more scary than they seem is that they are backed by large movie and music companies throughout the entire world.

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BitTorrent announces cloud storage and sharing service Sync

Cloud backup services are popping up everywhere these days, with even BitTorrent now jumping onto the cloud craze. BitTorrent has announced a new cloud backup service it calls Sync, and though it of course has plenty of similarities with other cloud services out there, Sync offers a couple key differences. By using Sync, you're actually using BitTorrent's servers to transfer files from one device to another.

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Verizon to throttle repeat BitTorrent offenders

In a couple weeks, the Center for Copyright Information's anti-piracy system will go into effect in the US. The CCI is composed of five major Internet providers, including Verizon, in conjunction with the MPAA and the RIAA. Back in October, we reported on a leaked AT&T memo that discussed how the provider would deal with copyright infringers. Now information has been revealed stating that Verizon will deal with the issue by throttling the speeds of repeat offenders.

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