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European Parliament backs universal smartphone charger regulation

Europe has worked for years to unify smartphones under a single charger -- the common microUSB -- with major companies expressing their support for the measure as far back as 2009 and getting the microUSB officially set as the charging standard a year or so later. Legislation was introduced by an EU committee last year to require a single charger system, which today received "overwhelming" approval from members of parliament.

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Wireless charging standards sign agreement: 3 become 2 [UPDATE: WPC comments]

This week two of the three major wireless charging standards groups have signed an agreement which will have the two technologies be able to exist on the same device. This agreement has A4WP and PMA, aka the Alliance for Wireless Power and Power Matters Alliance, signing up to allow their two standards to work side-by-side. The odd-man-out is the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), the group that works with Qi-standard charging.

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Tesla Model S software updated with power fluctuation safeguard

Tesla's Model S has been the subject of note when it comes to electric cars, lately due to a spat of fires that have affected a few of the units. Recently, a garage caught fire containing a Model S that was charging, something Tesla maintains was not caused by the Model S and that the Orange County Fire Authority says was related to the wall-charging system. Following this latest incident, Tesla Motors has pushed out a software update.

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Thor Mjolnir hammer USB battery pack for geeks on the go

There have been some interesting movie tie-ins with tech products over the years. One of the most interesting tie-ins that I have seen has just turned up for the new Thor movie that is in theaters right now. This tech product is a battery charger that looks like Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir. The hammer battery pack comes from a company called Infothink.

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