Audiophile-friendly Nationite S:Flo2 gets reviewed

Audiophile-PMPs are a pretty rare breed, especially if you don't want to empty your entire bank account to acquire one, and so the Nationite S:Flo2 has plenty riding on it.  Priced from $119.50 (albeit only netting you a mere 2GB of storage), the S:Flo2's selling point isn't its touchscreen, video capabilities or games, but its excellent audio quality.  Joker of the MP4Nation forums has reviewed the S:Flo2, and it turns out you really don't need to spend crazy money to get crazy-good sound.

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DaVinci Audio Labs UniSon MK II turntable: heavy build, heavy price

Still listening to vinyl?  Got some spare cash lying around, or a credit card you don't mind maxing out?  Have some suitably reinforced shelves?  Then head on over to DaVinci Audio Labs, whose new UniSon MK II turntable promises to scythe out noise or vibration from your audio pleasure, separating the motor and its control unit from the platter, and coming in at a massive 160lbs.

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Parasound Halo JC3 Phono Preamp & Atlantic Technology AT-1

We spent some time auditioning Parasound/Atlantic Technology's high-end stereo channel setup at the Venetian during CES 2010. We didn’t go there just for the sake of John Curl's newest Halo-series JC3 Phono Preamp, with its heavy, triple-shielded 2-U chassis, but to check out Atlantic Technology's AT-1 high performance speakers with their potentially revolutionary H-PAS bass technology.

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Teclast T51 PMP promises audiophile quality

Proving your parents' point that exciting things can come in mundane looking packages, the new Teclast T51 PMP doesn't exactly inspire at first-glance but certainly leaves us impressed once we've worked our way through the spec-sheet.  The T51 has a capacitive touchscreen, 8GB (and possibly 16GB) of internal storage and a memory card slot, but what's really exciting is the audiophile-quality components inside.

WooAudio WES Electrostatic AMP reviewed: superlative sound

So far, most of the headphone amplifiers that have graced these pages have been portable, budget items; the same very definitely can't be said for this brushed-steel behemoth, the WooAudio WES Electrostatic Headphone Amp and, dangling insouciantly next to it, Stax's SR-008 Mk2 Electrostatic headphones.  According to audiophile reviewer Steve Guttenberg, you're looking at "state of the art sound for a tiny fraction of the cost of a system built around speakers."

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Sleek Audio CT6 Customs Review

When we reviewed the Sleek Audio SA6 earphones last October, there was no disguising how positively we felt about the customizable in-ear monitors. So, when Sleek told us that we could expect the same and more from their custom-molded earphones, the freshly-rebranded CT6 Customs, and offered to fit us for them while at CES back in January, we couldn't resist trying them out. It's been a while since our SA CT6 Customs arrived; have they lived up to expectations?

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B&W CCM816 In-Ceiling speaker features a blue Kevlar driver

Bowers & Wilkins has released a much compact CCM816 speaker to complement its existing CCM 800 series In-Ceiling lineup with a blue-finish driver. This is not the first B&W speaker to employ a blue Kevlar driver, similar unit can be seen from their CT-700 home theater series lineup. Part of the reason was to eliminate light reflections on projector screen, or a glossy finished flat screen TV. The color in any way, should not affect the sound quality but I will go on record that I prefer the much-traditional yellow finished Kelvar cone with the grill on. The yellow Kevlar, for me, is part of the signature from B&W.

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Pass Lab audiophile-grade SR1 Loudspeaker set for CES 2009

Not every golden ears live in an area with opportunity to experience a ear hand-on audition on high-end speakers. Audio freaks thrive for high fidelity loudspeakers, and have serious mad cash around, will get their chances to try out Guy Nelson Pass's second gen floorstanding at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Replacing its audiophile-beloved Rushmore series active Loudspeakers, Pass Labs SR1 is a passive designed four-way loudspeaker enclosed in a dual separate cabinet, which houses four different drives fabricated from Nextel-coated cones and Crescendo tweeter in different sizes. The staggeringly large lower enclosure houses a 10-inch and a 8-inch drivers while the top takes care of the mid-bass driver and SEAS Crescendo tweeter.

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