$200,000 Vintage Apple I computer recycled by unsuspecting mystery woman

Next time you clean out your garage, you might want to get any old electronics sitting around appraised before resigning them to the scrap heap. A mystery woman went to the San Francisco electronics recycling company, Clean Bay Area to donate her late husband's electronics to make room in the garage. In doing so, she accidentally threw away a rare, vintage computer, worth $200,000. It may have looked like a random, old circuit board to the untrained eye, but the dusty electronics turned out the be an exceedingly elusive Apple I computer.

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Lockheed Martin Sea Slice experimental ship can be yours

If you have always wanted to own your own naval vessel, here is your chance. Lockheed Martin and the Navy teamed up to build a ship called the Sea Slice that was launched back in 1996. Sea Slice is an experimental ship that had a new and unique modified hull design called SWATH standing for Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull design.

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FCC auction: AT&T, Verizon win big, T-Mobile comes up short

An FCC auction for wireless spectrum ended this week, and according to the commission, $41.3 billion was raised. That’s a slight dip from the $45 billion we’d heard about when the auction actually closed, but various discounts and incentives helped bidders out. We know what you’re thinking, though. How did your carrier do? Who made successful bids? Luckily, the FCC also let loose all the info regarding who bid what, and whether or not their bids were successful. As you might have guessed, AT&T and Verizon came out on top.

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Buy the original, 47-year-old Star Trek phaser for $60k

Star Wars may have those sweet lightsaber weapons, but Star Trek will always have phasers, which are… kind of cool? Well, never mind that, if you're a big fan of the original Star Trek TV series, you better get yourself to Los Angeles quick, as an original prop phaser is going to be auctioned, and it's expected to sell for at least $60,000. Now 47 years old, the phaser was used by William Shatner's Captain James T. Kirk, and is one of only two that still exist.

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Less than a week after launching, the Australian entrepreneur behind the fiendishly clever is trying to sell the site and be rid of the awful product he sends people at your request. 22-year-old Mathew Carpenter made headlines with his site that offered to anonymously mail an envelope full of glitter to any address in the world for $9.99. Turns out trying to ship glitter sucks just as much as receiving a "glitter bomb" in the mail.

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US Marshals to sell off more Silk Road Bitcoins at auction

Silk Road was a website where all sorts of illegal and illicit items could be purchased. To keep the buyers and sellers from being tracked, many of the purchases on the site were made using Bitcoins. When the site owner was captured and his personal stash of Bitcoins confiscated, there was a huge amount of money to be made. Last January prosecutors and Ross Ulbricht agreed that the US Marshals could sell Bitcoins found on computer gear Ulbricht owned.

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The first official 1963 Batmobile is up for auction

There have been a number of Batmobiles over the history of Batman's career, with the latest including the tank-like model from Christopher Nolan's trilogy, as well as the forthcoming model from Zack Snyder's upcoming movie. But now there is an opportunity to own the very first officially-licensed Batman vehicle, predating even the Lincoln that was used in the classic 1960's TV show.

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iPhone 6 “prototype” reappears as “unfinished” model, now sold

Talk about strange. An iPhone 6 that was once billed as a prototype has reappeared on eBay and, unlike that attempt, this one actually got sold. What was different this time, you may ask. Simply the fact that the owner this time around called the device an "unfinished" model of an iPhone 6 rather than a scary sounding prototype that was leaked out. Perhaps that subtle change was what turned it into a success. Or perhaps it was the claim that Apple was the one that verified it.

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Apple 1, sold by Steve Jobs in 1976, to be auctioned

Originally selling for $600, an Apple-1 is set to go up for auction soon. The computer is believed to sell for roughly $500,000, a decent return on investment if it were stock in a company. Dubbed the Rickets Apple-1 Personal Computer (so named after its original owner Charles Rickets, an early adopter if we’ve ever heard of one), you can bid on it yourself in December. It’s the only Apple-1 computer in existence confirmed to be sold directly by Steve Jobs, too.

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Apple-1 sets $950k auction record for Jobs’ & Woz’s handiwork

An original Apple-1 computer has sold for a record price at auction, with the classic tech making $905,000 after being snapped up by a museum. The computer, which was one of just fifty made by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs back in 1976 as they set up Apple in Jobs' garage, was expected to sell for around half the final hammer price, but the Henry Ford Museum finally won a bidding battle with another, unnamed buyer at Bonhams auction house in New York City.

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