SlashGear Week in Review – Week 21 2009

The SlashGear team have been surprisingly mobile this week, with part one of our Lincoln MKS road-test, and toting Sprint's version of the MiFi 2200 portable EVDO hotspot around.  We still found enough time to get frantically excited about the Palm Pre, though, which we now know will launch on June 6th for $199.99. 

That excitement is tempered with the ongoing rumors that stocks may be severely curtailed on launch day.  Not only have Best Buy and RadioShack insiders been talking of minimal handset numbers come June 6th, Sprint's own CEO is warning that the Pre will likely be in short supply for the first couple of months.  The concern is that all of Palm's momentum since CES back in January could fizzle out, as Apple are expected to announce a third-generation iPhone two days after the Pre's launch.

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Archos launching Android 3G PMP on June 11th?

Archos have announced a press event to be held on June 11th in Paris, France.  While there's no actual written confirmation of what the event might be about, the shadowy PMP/MID device visible on the invite and the bright green color-scheme has led to speculation that it concerns Archos' Android-based Internet Media Tablet (IMT) phone.

The company announced that they would be developing an Android device back in February, with the IMT measuring just 10mm thick and having a 5-inch high resolution touchscreen.  Connectivity will include not only WiFi, like existing PMPs from Archos, but 3.5G HSUPA/HSDPA for up to 7.2Mbps downloads.

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Archos Android MID coming Q3 2009: HD, HSUPA and just 10mm thick

Archos have announced plans to launch an Android-based Internet Media Tablet, that would deliver not only the high-definition media playback of the company's existing range, but offer voice communication, wireless connectivity and access to the Android Market of smartphone applications.  The Android IMT measures just 10mm thick, and has a 5-inch high-resolution touchscreen, up to 500GB storage and uses Texas Instruments OMAP 3 platform for "laptop-like performance".

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Archos 10 netbook gets price, full specs, delivery estimates

Archos have announced pricing and availability details regarding their Archos 10 netbook, first seen earlier this week.  UK buyers can pre-order the netbook for £349.98 ($511) while European buyers get it slightly cheaper at €348.98; that puts the 10 close to early estimates.  For your money you get a 10.2-inch screen, Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and Windows XP Home.

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Archos 10 netbook details leak

Details of Archos' upcoming entry into the netbook market have emerged, found among the files at, and anyone hoping for something as interesting or concientously designed as the company's Internet Media Tablets will be sorely disappointed.  Instead, they've slapped their their brand on a dull OEM netbook design, the Hasee MJ125, with the usual 10-inch 1024 x 600 display, Atom 1.6GHz processor and 160GB hard-drive.

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