TV-Fridges: Latest Home Appliance Trend?

I frequent the refrigerator several times a day and I find that I'm really only there for a quick moment, just long enough to get what I need and I'm on my way. Apparently the rest of the world has a craving watch television while "fridging?" fridging - v. To stand near a refrigerator and long for something to do.

This latest product from LG, a TV-fridge "convergence appliance" comes complete with a 15-inch LCD including HDTV capabilities. For $4,000 though, one would expect at least DVD playback capabilities.

One potential flaw in the design is the TV is right next to the ice dispenser; not only is this a poor height for anyone over 4 feet in height, but should you ever be watching a channel about an ice dispenser someone could mistakenly put a glass through the screen.

The latest convergence trend: fridge TVs [via cnet]

Philips helps consumers go green

Lately companies have put out more and more products that are considered green. Philips has now released the Green Tick logo to help consumers recognize products that are a bit more environmentally friendly.

This logo is placed on products that are 10% better in comparison to other products on the market. However, they only have to be better in one of these five categories: hazardous substances, energy efficiency, weight, packaging and recycling. Although it is great that Philips is taking a step in the right direction, the logo does not mean that the product is completely green. It just means in comparison to other products it is the lesser evil.

Although there are not all that many products with the Green Tick logo, Philips intends to bring up that number by the end of this year.

Philips helps buyers pick green gadgets
[via crave]

The Pop Art toaster-I think I just threw up a little

Need a new twist on that boring old white bread? Now you can stamp it with super cheesy little pictures.

Retro SMEG Dishwasher

Retro appliances have added a fun twist to the modern kitchen. The Smeg DF6FABR Dishwasher is no different. Not only is it drop dead gorgeous it's just as tough as the average dishwasher.

This Craftworks toolbox comes with a twist

Certain men have a bit of a love affair with their garage. They make fun of women with all their baubles and shoes, but to be honest they love to accessorize themselves, they just confine it to the garage. Well they would definitely love this refrigerator from Craftworks.

Hello Kitty Crock Pot-sign of the apocalypse?

I’m pretty sure the world is going to end with a bunch of Hello Kitty robots taking over the world. With all the other things they have, how could you possibly doubt our impending doom? I’m not sure that is a fate I can deal with. I doubt this particular product will end in death, unless they make a giant one and slow cook you with their creepy Hello Kitty Crock Pot.

I no longer fear the Michael Jackson robot with laser beams; it’s Hello Kitty that terrifies me. The issue is that no one just passively likes Hello Kitty; no, you either hate it or are obsessed. Just be on the look out for any Hello Kitty religious groups that pop up, that will be the sure sign that you should say your goodbyes.

Personally, I think all Hello Kitty gadgets should be replaced with more sophisticated brands such as Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, or even South Park.

Gourmet cooking with Hello Kitty [via Crave]

The Mool Hood Toaster-the alien toaster

This is the kind of toaster that leaves you awestruck just because it’s so pretty. It could burn everything and it would still look cool. Even better it heats up your toast completely different from all the other crazy toasters we have posted. Bet you’d like to know what makes it so nifty wouldn’t you.

Free TV for everyone?

You have to love those products that run on magic. Or at least seem as though they must. Such is the case with the new VBox from Virgin.

The box is small, only about the size of a VHS and will be able to provide customers with up to 40 channels of British TV without the need of a satellite or Cable TV service plan. The best part of all? It's free.

Eskimo Towelclip Radiator-spices up your bathroom

Eskimo Towelclip Radiator-spices up your bathroom

I’m sure most of us out there are a sucker for a hot towel straight out of the shower; it’s just so much more snuggly that way. However, lets face it, not all of us can afford such a luxury and we don’t always have the room for some of those clunky towel warmers. Why not buy the slightly eccentric paper clip to heat those fuzzy towels; it’s even sleek enough to fit in the smallest bathrooms. Hey why not treat yourself to something a little frivolous every now and then?

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Boys and their toys-the BBQ Train

It would seem that little boys never do get over their obsession with trains, and this would be proof of that. Made by Farmer Grill it measures 103 inches long and the whole shebang come to a total of 560 inches. I’ve heard of having an obsession with your grill but this is taking it a bit far I think. However, I could see how it would be nifty for your restaurant.

SensorFresh Q – The nose knows

If you look in my refrigerator and freezer (please don't) you're sure to find a variety of strange foods in there. Granted, at one time the foods probably weren't that strange, but after a while, they begin to take on their own forms and start growing. Now if only there were a way to tell which things were good, and which ones should go in a biohazard bag.

Mini vending machine frige

Anyone that knows me very well knows that you'll find a Mountain Dew, or some other caffeinated drink somewhere nearby. Some people are addicted to crack, I'm addicted to caffeine. Personally, I think I picked the better of the two.

Nothing says style like a mini fridge sitting next to your desk, but at least it gets the job done. This new 12 Can Vending Machine looks far better than my plain old white fridge. Just fill it up, press the button, and out comes your favorite drink.

It goes for $159, which is a little more than you'd pay for a plain mini fridge, and only holds about half as many cans as one. But you have to admit, it looks pretty cool. If you don't feel like buying one, you could always make one yourself.

Your Own Vending Machine Fridge [via coolestgadgets]

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