Stay cool with the Koolatron

I , like many people enjoy having a tasty beverage nearby. Usually I just keep a water bottle or two on my desk or I walk my fat-ass to the fridge in the kitchen, which in the dog days of summer can seem like a long ways. Now, however there is a solution.

Cool off this summer with an LED Art Fan

If your plain old fan just isn't good enough, why not have one that displays a picture too?

Hubo FX-1- for those with a Napolean complex

I know there have been days where I feel like not moving, usually I just scream from bed at my girlfriend, but now there is a solution for people like me. And that solution is the Hubo-FX-1, a wheel chair with legs! Imagine walking over 6 feet tall while in a sitting position towering over your coworkers and classmates.

The Mini-Cooper fridge from SMEG

Are you a bit overly obsessive about your Mini-Cooper? This SMEG fridge might be just the thing to show your love for that car of yours. Even if you don’t have one, the fridge is still pretty.

Breakfix – What’s in a name?

I'm the kind of guy that can eat breakfast any time of the day. That may have something to do with not waking up before the crack of noon, but then again I've always enjoyed pancakes for dinner. One particular food that I can eat any time is cereal. It's usually more of a snack than a meal, but it really depends on my mood.

For those of you that eat cereal as frequently as I, you have likely noticed just how difficult it is to pour the precise amount of cereal to make a full bowl. Too much and it overflows when you pour in the milk, too little and your marshmallows are just floating around. That's why the good people at Skymall are offering the Breakfix (seriously, who's going to buy something named break fix?). With just the press of a button, you'll get the perfect amount of cereal in your bowl every time. Wait, what size bowl? I have about 5 different sizes of bowls in my house, not including the other random containers I use when I haven't done the dishes in a while. Maybe it's so technilogically advanced that it knows what size bowl you put under it. No, probably not.

Portable Ice Maker – Great for outdoor parties

Summertime is always a great time for cookouts and barbecues, which always seem to be planned on the hottest day of the year. Usually the easiest way to cool down is with something cold to drink. Unfortunately, you need to have a lot of ice to keep all of the drinks cold.

Surface-saving built in coffee machine for tiny kitchens

Built-in coffee machines for luxury kitchens are nothing new, but this is the first time I've seen a drip-percolator used rather than the typical bean-to-cup espresso machine.  Made by Lance Larkin, it's not just inset into the tiling but hooks up to your cold water supply, so the only thing you have to add is ground coffee.


USB mini fridge – is it really worth it?

I tend to get in a rush when I get home from stocking up on food for the week, so I tend to forget to toss my Mountain Dew in the fridge. So then when I get thirsty I get to play the freezer game where I put it in and try to remember to take it out before it becomes a big chunk of ice.

Penguin Thermostat – why?

Need a family-friendly way to keep the temperature of your house regulated? Well if you enjoy touchscreen interfaces and anime-style penguins, I have got a treat for you.

Toasty the Toaster: It makes toast!

It’s always interesting to see all the design concepts, then to watch to see what actually gets created. Well for some reason people have a fascination with toast, and Toasty is no different.

Is a free drink worth 30 seconds of your time?

I think that the Japanese marketing people are really onto something here. We watch ads all the time, but what do we get for it? Nothing. A vending machine company has decided to start rewarding people for watching advertisements.

The Hot Diggity Dogger – makes cooking hotdogs a little easier

Tired of getting freshly cooked hotdogs straight off of the grill? If you are, I’m tempted to call you a freak, but I won’t. Well then this Hot Diggity Dogger (yes that is the actual name of the product) might be just what you need.

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