Apple TV will become games console predicts analyst

For a "hobby" project, we certainly seem to be talking about Apple TV a lot lately.  Even before the new Boxee Beta landed on the set-top box, Apple were decrying plans to integrate the Apple TV into a full HDTV; instead, reckons at least one analyst, they're intending to develop it into a "serious gaming" platform.  According to Michael Patcher, at Webush Morgan Securities, the obvious path for Apple to take is into gaming hardware, albeit relying on third-party developers for actual titles.

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Time for Apple TV to go from Hobby to Strategic Product

With the successful launch of the iPhone 3GS last spring and a new version of OS X and a new crop of iPods expected this fall, one player in Apple's lineup seems to have gone missing, namely Apple TV. On Apple's financial conference call, the device that Steve Jobs once described as "a hobby" was not mentioned once. I hope Apple hasn't given up on this category as there's a lot of value and function in Apple TV that has yet to make it into other products in this space.

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iTunes & AppleTV updates adds Genius, bug-fixes

Apple has quietly updated both iTunes and AppleTV overnight, introducing mainly bug-fixes for both products but also adding Genius intelligent playlist creation to their set-top box.  The iTunes update, which takes the app to v8.0.1, cures a particularly annoying bug whereby high-definition episodes of TV shows were replaced with standard-definition copies.

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