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Report: iPad Pro not even a “thing” yet

Remember all that chatter earlier in the year (and then a bit later on, and still later) about an iPad Pro? It’s supposed to be a 12-inch tablet, with many assuming the behemoth will take the place of the Macbook Air. It all seems so plausible, except for one thing: we don’t have it yet. A new report suggests the iPad Pro isn’t even close to being an actual product, as many would have you believe. In fact, it’s not even a “thing” yet.

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PC Market Not Looking Pretty for Q1 2011

Research firms Gartner and IDC have come out with their quarterly look at the PC market in the US and worldwide. With some exceptions, the results are not good. Only three companies, Lenovo, Apple, and to a lesser extent, Toshiba, posted gains for PC sales in Q1. The two reports differ on how large the decline in the total market is, and also on the cause. Is it tablets? Lack of innovation in PCs? Or just a lingering hangover from big Q4 spending? See all the numbers after the cut.

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How Tablets Can Connect the Disconnected

Many of us have heard stories about tablets being more accessible for those who have trouble dealing with PCs. Grandmothers, for example, who have never used a computer, get hold of an iPad and start tapping away like an old pro. What is it about tablets that make them so engaging, and make them so much more appealing than using a PC for some people? Let's face it, PCs can be complicated. If you know nothing about using one, setting up a PC could be an insurmountable task. You have software to install, inexplicable error messages, antivirus notifications always popping up...

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Apple iPad vs HP TouchPad tablet Matchup

Today we were treated to a presentation by HP that might completely turn webOS around, out of the dark spaces of everyone's doubt centers and into a very plausible option place for many soon-to-be seekers of tablets in this new market. The tablet in question is the HP TouchPad, running webOS 3.0 and looking like not a half bad idea for a workstation on the go. We decided to match it up against a couple contenders, first the Motorola XOOM Android tablet, now the Apple iPad. How does the TouchPad measure up? You be the judge.

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Geek builds tablet from old MacBook

What do you do if you have an old MacBook sitting around that was damaged when the battery went super nova? You take that broken down old Mac and you turn it into a tablet if you are a geek going by the handle Enigma-penguin. The MacBook was a Core 2 Duo unit from 2007.

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Apple rumored to be working on another larger tablet, possibly based on Mac OS X

Those wanting to get their hands on an iPad have a 60 day wait starting from last Thursday, but  a rumor has surfaced that Apple is said to be developing a more advanced tablet model.  The new model is said to be much larger in dimensions, and more likely to run software akin to Mac OS X instead of the iPhone OS.  Oh, and it would launch within the year.  iPad buyers may possibly want to wait this out.

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Breaking news: real Apple Tablet revealed?

No confirmations yet, but two highly attention-grabbing images of what seems to be a prototype Apple tablet have just been released a few minutes ago, or what looks like the tablet enclosed in a leather case with snaps.  It looks fairly good-sized, and from further inspection, is clearly running some variant of an iPhone app or maybe the Safari browser, but of highly-scaled resolution.  A cellular service icon (that shouts "No Service") and Wi-Fi meter can also be spotted in the pictures, but unfortunately we can’t yet see what carrier it’s on, drat.  So is it real?  We don't know yet, but it very much could be the real deal.

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$12.99/$14.99 = the price of Apple tablet ebooks

Publishers usually have the last word, but eleventh-hour negotiations with Apple disclosed by the WSJ say that Apple is urging for bestselling books to be sold for $12.99 or $14.99 (some maybe even at $9.99), and like the developer agreement on iPhone apps, Apple will take a estimated 30 percent cut.

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Apple Tablet in CDMA and GSM flavors for both Verizon & AT&T?

Carrier support for the much-rumored Apple Tablet has been well argued over the past few months, with some sources tipping AT&T - with whom Apple already work with on the iPhone 3GS - and others pointing at Verizon Wireless.  According to Fox, however, both carriers may be in line for a version; they claim that Apple is still to complete negotiations, and say that internal sources have confirmed that both a CDMA and a GSM model of the Apple Tablet will be launched.

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