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128GB iPad now available in the Apple Store

Last week, Apple officially announced a 128GB version of the fourth-generation iPad, set to go on sale today, and the company has kept true to their promise. You can now grab one of these bad boys starting at $799 for the WiFi-only version, or $929 for the WiFi+LTE variant. The WiFi-only model has a 1-3 day ship time, while the LTE model also has a 1-3 day ship time for AT&T, while other carriers have a 3-5 day ship time.

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Apple Store design and layout granted official US trademark

If you were planning on opening a store selling your brand new computer brand with a setup that's not unlike the Apple Store, you'll probably want to re-think your strategy starting this week. Apple has officially been granted a trademark protecting their retail store design and layout by the US Patent & Trademark Office this week. The original trademark request application was made all the way back in May of 2010, so whatever you remember about the store design back then that's survived until now you'll want to avoid when knocking out your own store in the future.

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Apple Stores bring $6.4 billion revenue alone in Q1 2013

This week the folks at Apple have revealed the power of their retail Apple Store locations around the USA and throughout the world with a total of 11 new stores opening up and 396 stores in total in operation today. This update makes for a massive amount of stores owned and operated by Apple themselves, selling mostly their own products - 150 of these stores being outside the USA. This all leads to $6.4 billion dollars in revenue through retail sales alone in this past quarter.

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Apple offering free next-day shipping on everything

If you're planning on buying some last-minute Christmas gift for your loved ones in the form of iPads, iPods, iPhones, or Macs, Apple has your back because they're now offering free next-day shipping on everything that they sell in their online store. This includes the company's own products, as well as accessories from other companies.

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Apple to open first store in South America

Today, Apple has confirmed that they will be opening their first store in South American in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In an email sent to Brazilian press, Apple said that they're looking forward to opening the new store in Brazil, where they "already have long standing customers," and they "hope to win many more each day."

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Apple Store down on the eve of iPad mini preorders

As we said earlier today, Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPad mini, will be available for pre-order on October 26, most likely at midnight PST/3AM EST. It’s looking like this time frame is spot-on because the Apple Store is officially down, displaying the familiar message: “We’ll be back.” If you've been chomping at the bit for a miniature iPad of your own, get your credit card ready.

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