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Notion Ink Battles Insinuations of Unevenly Bright Screens, Broken Cameras, Customer Service Stalls

It appears, if a few folks over at NotionAddicts messageboard are any indication, that Notion Ink is facing some heavy allegations from the first round of pre-order customers. Amongst these allegations are that Notion Ink is purposely stalling out on customers looking for refunds so that their 7 day return period will expire and it'll be more difficult (and more costly) to get their due exchange.

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Dell Streak 7 gets video teardown treatment

When the Streak 7 surfaced at CES, it looked really cool and had some nice hardware inside. The thing that most of us wondered was why Dell opted for older Android 2.2 rather than Android 3.0 like most of the other Tegra-powered tablets was using. We still don’t know why the OS is not version 3.0, but we can now see all the hardware inside the little tablet.

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Velocity Micro expands Cruz tablet line by three at CES

Velocity Micro has announced three new tablets for its cool line of Cruze Android tablets at CES this week. The coolest of the three is the big 10.1-inch Cruz Tablet L510. This rig has a capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1366 x 768. The machine has an NVIDIA Tegra 250 chipset, uses a 1GHz dual-core processor, front and rear cameras, and 3G data options. Other features include Bluetooth, GPS, HDMI out, Android 2.2/2.3 for the OS and has the Kindle app installed.

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