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Amazon prepping $50 6-inch tablet, coming this Fall

It seems that Amazon is really having some trouble with its consumer devices. While relatively more stable than, say, the Fire Phone, Amazon's Android-based Fire tablets (formerly called "Kindle Fire") aren't exactly the gold mines that its Kindle e-readers are. So what is Amazon's solution? To offer such a tablet at a terribly low price of $50. This would definitely be a cause for concern from some vendors selling devices in that same price range. Ironically, it could also undercut Amazon's own Kindle line, whose cheapest model goes for $79.

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Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 review: a pretty one-way path

With the mid-size tablet genre being redefined, Amazon has stepped in with their latest, an 8.9-inch HDX version of the Fire tablet. Taking square aim at the iPad mini and Air, as well as the Nexus 9, this tablet brings a familiar set of specs and viewing experience. Depending on what you want from your tablet, though, the Fire HDX 8.9 might be right for you. To see just how much has improved, and whether or not you should give it a hard look, we took it for a test run.

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Roku, Kindle and Fire TV get NFL Now access

Access to sports content of various sorts has always been a sticky subject for cord-cutters -- those who eschew traditional cable for set-top boxes and video streaming services. For NFL fans, that issue has been addressed in part by the National Football League, which today revealed that both Roku and Amazon has become distribution partners for NFL Now.

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Amazon smartphone tipped international with “Project Aria” codename

With a codename like "Project Aria", we wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon was also trying to kick out the SEO of Motorola/Google’s Project Ara while they’re at it. This week it’s been tipped that Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone is part of talks between the company and potential OEM partners for overseas distribution. What we’re also to understand today is that "multiple" United States-based cellular carriers are already onboard with the idea.

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Amazon stokes FAA device ruling fire with Kindle blow-out

Amazon has decidedly announced their full support of the new FAA ruling for in-flight device use with not only a suggestion that they've always done so, but that they're willing to let their device prices prove it. Amazon Kindle prices have been kicked down a notch for a single day by the company suggesting they're excited their users will be able to read throughout the flight, not just once they've reached 10,000 feet.

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Amazon Kindle MatchBook launches today: digitizing your paper library

This morning the service known as Amazon Kindle MatchBook launched with a whopping 70,000 books in its employ. This service takes a listing of books you've purchased (through Amazon) in physical form and offers them up to you in digital format for relatively low prices. Originally suggested to be hitting the books with 10,000 copies, imagine our surprise today when the service launched with seven times that amount.

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Amazon Firetube trademark likely aimed at TV box Second Screen companion

There's a collection of Amazon products on the way nearing the end of the year here in 2013, it would seem, with the winner for Most Likely to Appear First going to a trademark filing by the name of Amazon Firetube. This name will quite likely go to a product that'll take cues from Google's Chromecast, allowing quick and easy display mirroring from the Amazon Kindle Fire series - or the possible upcoming smartphone series - for your big-screen TV. The trademark filing, found by an intrepid tipster speaking with 9to5Google's Seth Weintraub, has appeared in both the United States and in Canada all at once.

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Amazon Phone “Smith” tip appears with 3D interface

There's little doubt at this point that there's an interest in the public in what would essentially be an Amazon Android-based smartphone with a structure not unlike that of the Kindle Fire series of tablets. What we're seeing today is the newest in a long line of rumors in what would almost certainly be a Fire OS (Android-based) operating system running on an Amazon smartphone. Here the newest tip suggests that there will be two, not just one, smartphones working in the near future, the more high-end iteration to be code-named "Smith".

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Kindle Fire HD reboot hits $139 price point with last year’s specs

Though the Amazon Kindle Fire HD will indeed be bringing a set of specifications here in 2013 that essentially match those of its first edition from 2012, a new aesthetic has hit the holder of the ebooks. What you're getting here is the same 1280 x 800 pixel display with 1.5Ghz dual-core processor under the hood, the same dual-band Wi-fi and Fire OS (upgraded now to 3.0), but put in a package that looks a lot more 2013 in style. And Amazon has beat their best price, kicking this model down to a cool $139 - they've still not hit the $99 they said they'd never hit, but they're close!

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 revealed with complete redesign

The team at Amazon behind the Kindle Fire series of smart tablets have made some relatively major changes to the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Besides adding an "X" to the name, the body of this machine has been completely redesigned - no more internal midframe, for example, here you'll find a magnesium cast unibody. The whole machine has an increased bit of stiffness at the same time as it becomes a whole lot lighter - ringing in at 13.2oz in all.

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Kindle Fire HDX 7 official with 1920 x 1200 display

Amazon has upped their game once again with the 2013 edition of the Kindle Fire, called in this case Kindle Fire HDX. The HDX represents the high-definition resolution of the display, that being 1920 x 1200 (aka 322 DPI) across 7-inches of screen real-estate, the same smaller-size panel as 2012's Kindle Fire HD

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