Alienware Wireless speaker get a clay mold

It’s not even a real clay mold; it’s a digital representation of a clay mold. All I have to say is by release, they better look a lot better, color schemes and a nice mesh or honeycomb grill could really be all it takes to fix their looks, the shape is fine for the most part.

Some features would be good too, so far all we have is that they will be wireless and that they could look something close to this. Personally, I am hoping for Bluetooth, go all the way Alienware, make a Bluetooth profile that allows two audio outputs to be paired together to work with a single audio source, I know you can do it.

New Alienware laptop boasts 640GB of storage space

How much hard drive space does your laptop have? I'm going to guess that it doesn't have more than your desktop. However, if you maxed-out one of Alienware's new laptops, that might not be the case.

Samsung 64GB SSD is now available on Alienware and Dell Laptops

Samsung 64GB SSD is now available on Alienware and Dell Laptops

Samsung has just recently announced its 64GB 2.5 SATA Solid State Drive (SSD). Dell and Alienware have already made the newly announced 64GB SSD drive available to its customers on some laptop models.

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Alienware’s super-high-end Media PC reviewed

Early in June when Alienware announced the Hangar18 HD Entertainment Centre I momentarily wondered whether anyone would be daft enough to buy one.  Yes, it's indecently well specified, but at a minimum of $2k (and then the obvious expense of pairing it with a decent surround sound setup, HDTV screen and all the rest of the gubbins) it all seems to be edging into semi-installed territory when for the price you could probably piece together a reasonably similar system and still have cash left over for a few extra toys.  Computer Shopper have shown me the error of my ways, however.


Alienware releases new Aurora Star Wars Edition PCs

Alienware is well known for their awesome gaming rigs and very cool cases. I have always preferred to build my own systems and use decent looking cases, but with the release of their new Aurora: Star Wars  Edition PCs.

Alienware’s Hanger18 Media PC is expensive HD powerhouse

Here's another one of those times where I wish I was frightfully rich, as opposed to living in a small hutch with a cellphone made of twigs and only the heat from its power adaptor to heat beans.  Alienware have announced a beast of a Media Center PC, the Hanger18, which squeezes some impressive HD hardware into a surprisingly discrete box.

Dell, Alienware ship first PC’s with 1TB drives

Back when I got my first computer, I had a friend that had a 1GB hard drive while I was stuck with a mere 600MB. He took every opportunity to rub in the fact that he had an entire gigabyte drive. Now here's your chance to be that friend with the giant amount of storage space.

Alienware boosts Area-51 7500 with Quad Core

Alienware boosts Area-51 7500 with Quad Core

Alienware is boosting its Area-51 7500 desktop by featuring the new Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU. Intel has released the Q6600 quad core CPU for quite a while; it’s a matter of time until all high end PC maker starting to feature them on their expensive machines.

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Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Laser Mouse Hands On

The Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Phantom® Wireless Laser Mouse are a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface that enables users to work or play games from a couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting in the home or workplace. The Lapboard includes wireless technology, ergonomic design, one-touch features, and a wireless high definition 1200 dpi laser mouse. The Lapboard’s innovative design features a keyboard that rotates 360 degrees to accommodate left or right handed users and inclines on a 22 degree angle with a hard surface below for the Phantom Wireless Laser Mouse. The Phantom Lapboard’s interchangeable key-face technology is designed for game-specific and business software applications on PC and Apple Mac platforms.

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