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Aurora Color Changing Clock keeps time on your mind

There are all sorts of interesting alarm clocks out there these days that take different approaches to do one of the most fundamental things: tell time. But the Aurora Color Changing Clock is a vibrant way to know what time it is and add a touch of style to your home.

The Aurora Color Changing Clock has a LCD display that is much larger than standard and makes it super easy to see it from across a larger space. However, if you're willing to set to mind 12 different colors that correspond with the 12 numeric hours of the day and night, you can just glance at the clock, note the color, and understand what time it is.

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Money-Saving BanClock stashes your cash

There's never a short supply of alarm clocks that challenge the standard idea of an alarm clock and increase the potential to annoy you. But the Money-Saving BanClock literally puts price on snooze.

This alarm clock makes you insert a coin into it before you can turn it off or hit snooze. Apparently, you can save up a pretty penny this way, and the alarm clock will hold up to $25 in quarters. However, I can't imagine anyone willingly doing this each and every morning.

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Alarm Clock will wake you up with multi-sensory experience

There are all sorts of alarm clocks out there meant to wake you up with loud buzzers or what have you, but never have I seen one that interacts with other devices to thoroughly ensure you get out of bed. The Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock makes all the sounds but the Mood Lamp (on the right) will also get involved if you fail to get up.

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Tyrant Alarm makes unwanted phone calls

There have been several overly cruel alarm clocks pop up, the Sonic Boom alarm has been probably the worst, that is until now.  This clock appears perfectly innocent, but it actually uses a bit of negative reinforcement to get your rear out of bed.

Every three minutes after it goes off, if you don't shut it off, it will make random phone calls from your cellphone.  That's right, have a number you're hanging onto for sentimental reasons but would never call, it may get dialed.

Even worse is if you happen to wake up someone that wasn't ready to be awake yet.  I'm fairly sure that this would be extremely effective to have you bolting to shut it off in time.  This is still a concept design though, so the world is safe for the moment.  It was created by Alice Wang.

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The DangerBomb Clock – Don’t worry, it won’t explode

For some, mornings are a major issue, mostly the part where you have to wake up. I tend to have a slight problem with it as well, I seem to lack the will to actually wake up. However, this alarm clock might be just the thing to make you finally get out of bed.

Mustek PF-E700 Picture frame does everything

It has an MP3 player, picture viewer, plays movies, tells you the time, shows a calendar, and will tell you what the temperature inside is. It also has an alarm clock feature built in so you can set it to wake you in the morning.

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