Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero announced

Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero announced

Fresh gaming news from Activision today, as the company confirms three new titles in the burgeoning Guitar Hero franchise.  Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero will all launch this year; Activision have also released this render of the DJ Hero controller.

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Ozzy to appear in Guitar Hero: World Tour

I've questioned the logic behind Activision's choice to call Guitar Hero III “Legends of Rock” due to the lack of actual legends. This has become even more apparent with all of the rock legends showing up in the fourth installment of the game. We've found out that yet another huge name will be appearing as a character in GH:WT, none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osborne.

More Guitar Hero: World Tour tracks revealed

Since the second Guitar Hero title was announced, it has been a habit to slowly trickle out songs until very close to the game's release date. This usually brings about much speculation and many fake lists. Well today we've got a few more confirmed tracks thanks to Stuff Magazine. Hit the jump for a full list of confirmed tracks for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Guitar Hero DLC – Dragonforce three-pack

I must say that I'm impressed by Activision. They have announced yet another track pack for Guitar Hero III. Granted, it won't be out until next month, but it's definitely good to see that they haven't given up on DLC. So what could possibly follow up the Virtuoso Pack? Apparently only a trio of Dragonforce tracks.

Rumor – Full Guitar Hero IV setlist leaked

It's tradition that with every Guitar Hero game, there are rumors regarding “leaked” setlists that will show up from all over. I do believe that we have our first such list, which of course comes from someone with absolutely no explanation as to how they came upon it. Hit the jump for the entire list.

Guitar Hero: World Tour screenshots show off new UI

With Guitar Hero: World Tour featuring four instruments, one has to wonder just how similar the UI is going to be to that other game with four instruments. Well Activision has released a few screenshots of their upcoming title, and I must say, it does look rather familiar.

Activision confirms compatibility with Rock Band instruments in Guitar Hero: World Tour

I have to admit that I've been pretty unhappy with Activision over the whole guitar incompatibility issue. Sure, I rock out on my 360 so I haven't had any issues, however, one of my best friends is more of a PS3 guy. He's only dropped the cash for a single Guitar Hero controller, however, his Rock Band Strat sits there begging to be used. Well it seems that this won't be such an issue for the next GH title.

Guitar Hero: On Tour gets a sequel this Fall

I'm all for having sequels for popular games, I really am. However, there's a point when I wonder how soon is too soon, and how many is too many. Take Guitar Hero: On Tour for example. I didn't particularly care for the game or its controller, however, the game sold rather well, which might make one think they would start putting out DS versions of their series out on a semi-regular basis. I just didn't expect them to have one geared up and ready to be released in a mere matter of months.

Activision’s Guitar Hero action figures

Activision has decided to come out with a set of dolls action figures to go with their long line of games. They teamed up with McFarlane toys and made these rock stars that all seem to be sporting extremely tiny legs.

Guitar Hero IV will be the same on the Wii as 360 and PS3

It's no big secret that the Nintendo Wii isn't quite the powerhouse that the PS3 or even Xbox 360 is. For this reason we tend to see games with less content present on the Wii. Such has been the case with Guitar Hero III and even Rock Band. So we should expect nothing less from Guitar Hero World Tour, right?

Guitar Hero Aerosmith sponsors NASCAR

You may be wondering what NASCAR has to do with Guitar Hero, well to be honest, I have no idea.  However, for some bizarre reason, Activision's Guitar Hero Aerosmith is sponsoring a NASCAR.  My very best guess is that creepy hillbillies have a thing for Aerosmith.

Metallica to star in their own Guitar Hero title

I'm still undecided about the whole idea of focusing a Guitar Hero game around a single band. Sure, GH: Aerosmith is going to feature other great bands too, but as much as I love Aerosmith, I think I might get tired of mostly songs by the same band. Well it seems that Activision loves the idea, because it seems that they've already got another band-themed title in the works. Perhaps you've heard of a little band called Metallica?