Iliad said to be working with Dish to finance T-Mobile bid

T-Mobile, the new darling of mobile carriers, is reportedly on the table for any and all suitors. Having previously been tied to Sprint parent company Softbank for a buyout, French carrier Iliad is now tossing their hat in the ring. Smaller than T-Mobile, it was unclear just how Iliad would swing the purchase, said to be worth roughly $30-40 billion. A new report may shed light on that.

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Square picks up food delivery company Caviar

If you frequent smaller diners or coffee shops, chances are you’ve seen Square in use as the point of sale system. The peer-to-peer transaction hub is the simplest way for many businesses to offer up credit transactions, but the company has been diversifying of late. The newest addition to Square brings your foodstuff to you, instead of you hitting the streets.

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Apple and Beats: layoffs loom large

Now that Apple and Beats are officially one and the same, some confusion has abounded about where Beats employees might end up. Previous reports suggested many (read: most) Beats employees would be let go, as their jobs were redundant with Apple. Subsequent reports placed the number of affected employees much lower, and the latest news points to zero firings -- for now.

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Apple has purchased 29 companies since FY 2013

Apple CEO TIm Cook revealed today the company has snapped up 29 smaller companies since their FY 2013 ended. Some we know of, and some we’ve only heard snippets of information about. If what we know is any indication, it’s easy to see where Apple is going to push forward.

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Qualcomm wants gigabit mobile WiFi with acquisition

Qualcomm, who already bring you unreal mobile speeds via their Snapdragon chipsets, are aiming for your WiFi connection, too. They’ve announced an acquisition of Wilocity, an California startup with offices in Israel who make chips for next-gen WiFi connectivity. If all goes accordingly, Gigabit WiFi may be a very Qualcomm thing in the near future.

Google acquiring Skybox Imaging satellite company

This week the folks responsible for picking up companies at Google has announced that they’ll be entering outer space with Skybox Imaging. This company is known for its launching of the world’s smallest high-resolution imagine satellite - one of many, we must assume for the future. Google will more than likely use its abilities to push forth services like Google Maps with higher-resolutions images of the world.

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