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What you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 6s installment plan

When Apple announced the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Wednesday, it revealed the standard prices available when a user is on a two-year contract with a carrier. However, they also introduced an entirely new way to buy the device: through Apple's own iPhone Upgrade Program. The system is similar to installed payment plans from carriers, like AT&T's Next or Sprint's iPhone Forever; users make monthly payments on the device, and are eligible to upgrade every 12 months.

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Aava Mobile TWIST concept origins revealed [Video]

We've already told you that Aava Mobile will be bringing its slick second-gen Medfield-based smartphone to MWC 2011 shortly, and now we know a little more about its design providence. Core77 worked with Aava and AGENT designer Alberto Villareal on TWIST, an angular, origami-inspired concept that, the smartphone company tells us, turned out to be the basis for the second-gen Aava Core hardware.

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MeeGo superphone bug report tips 1.6GHz Atom & HSPA+

A MeeGo bug report could have spilled the beans on an upcoming flagship smartphone, with the promise of a 1.6GHz Intel processor, 854 x 480 display, 21Mbps HSPA+ support and NFC. Over at the Maemo forums they've dug through the chip references and come up with a lengthy hardware feature list that suggests Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's comments on building, catalysing or joining "a competitive ecosystem" may well be, as we suggested, a sign that the Finnish company intends to participate in the smartphone spec-sheet "arms race".

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MeeGo 1.1 handset build gets new video demo

The MeeGo team has already promised that there won't be any new devices running the open-source OS launched at the MeeGo Conference this week, but that hasn't stopped them showing off the latest build of the OS. Carrypad shot some footage of a Moorestown-based AAVA smartphone running MeeGo 1.1, and while it's still far from ready for the public, it's certainly come on well from when we last saw it.

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Aava Mobile Intel Moorestown MID hands-on

Intel brought along their second Moorestown-based MID to MWC 2010, made by Aava Mobile, and we grabbed a chance to try out both the Moblin and the Android versions.  No matter the OS, the hardware is the same: a considerable touchscreen, WiFi and 3G, along with the usual sensors - GPS, accelerometer, digital compass - and both front and rear facing cameras.

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