Peek add SMS, image attachment viewing, to email messenger

The Peek email messenger is either the pinnacle of task-specific devices, or an under-functional waste of pocket space, depending on your stance on convergence.  Reviewers seem fairly happy, but one regular critique is the device's unwavering obsession with email above all other types of messaging.  Now Peek have responded by adding SMS compatibility, together with updating the email app to support a broader range of image attachment viewing.

WaSnake SMS & RSS personal flexible news ticker

Jean Louis Frechin, who designed the strange chronopictographic digital photo frames, also has an idea of what you could keep your WiFi picture viewer on.  His bendy WaSnake shelving doesn't just stop at holding up the odd vase, though; it's a clever display in its own right.  Colored LEDs and optical fibres fill blocks periodically along the shelf, and these can display SMS messages and RSS feeds that scroll across its length.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish a happy new year to all of our readers, staffers, and all the people we work(ed) with on a daily basis throughout the past year and in the year to come! As far as I know it the next big thing on the SlashGear calendar is CES, we’ll be there covering it live too, and then Mac World and there are a ton of other events I am forgetting but those are the most immediate.

InterGrafx 3D Virtual Secretary on your phone

So it can wake you up, schedule your appointments, and other clerical tasks. It cant answer your phones, and although it might look attractive to you (sick freak) you can’t have an affair with it, so stick to the real thing, if not for adultery, do it so you don’t have to answer your phone so often.

Samsung SGH-a747 SLM Napster Phone

So we already mentioned this, but we have something new, more specs, and a whole lot more pics. In fact if I recollect right, we didn’t have a single pic of the actual handset last time.

It has Bluetooth 2.0, Quad-Band GSM, Dual-Band UMTS, and a talk time of about 3 hours. There is the 2MP cam that has up to a 4x digital zoom, and other than all the video and music services that come with it, it has Java, and SMS, MMS, AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! instant messengers built in.

Cre8txt IM slang translation keypad

Do you have someone in your family that just absolutely refuses to IM you using proper grammar, maybe even complete sentences? Are you sick of having to go to Urban Dictionary just to look up what the crap that hellion is talking about?

Well Cre8txt, a UK based company, has got a solution, you plug this remote looking thing into your computer and it will work its magic and do translations for you. It appears to work both ways, both converting their l33t sp3@k into common English and also offering you the option to speak their language, to an extent.

Yahoo Mail Adds SMS Messaging Via Email

So this isn’t really new technology, or even and entirely new concept, however most companies that tried it previously had it as their main feature, whereas for Yahoo it is just an added bonus. Previous iterations of such a service either failed miserably, or began charging money, not this one, its completely free.

Globe shuns fake snow for 160 characters

In my day job we've got one of those infernal text-messaging systems where people can send in their suggestions and queries for us to ponder over.  The average day sees a number of obscenities, sexual suggestions that would be illegal in a number of US states and the odd message so riddled with "txt spk" that I've had to plug a USB-13-year-old into the computer to decipher it.  Since I'm the one who usually ends up checking the mailbox, I'm indecently tempted by this 360-degree textable message globe so that everyone else in the office could share in the joy of being told "U blO goatz".


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