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PS Vita US and Europe launch in “early” 2012 says Sony

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita launch will miss the 2011 holiday season in the US and Europe, with the new handheld instead arriving "early next year." According to Sony VP Kazuo Hirai, only Japan will see the Vita arrive in time for Christmas, with the rest of the "phased global rollout" taking place in early 2012. Rather than a delay, Hirai said the scheduling was intended to give Sony time to prepare "solid" game offerings.

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PS Vita face-tracking demo tips SmartAR gaming [Video]

Sony has demonstrated the face-recognition and tracking capabilities of the upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld, using the portable console's front-facing camera to track head movement and have on-screen avatars respond accordingly. In the demo, filmed by Siliconera and which you can see after the cut, Sony showed a two-way video chat being held between a pair of animated avatars, the head, mouth, eye and other movements being mapped to those of the gamer.

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Sony Answers All Your PS Vita Questions

One of the major announcements kicking off this past week's E3 2011 conference, was Sony's unveiling of the next-generation portable (NGP) now known as the PS Vita. The new portable gaming device boasts front and rear cameras as well as a unique integration of front and rear touch panels into its gameplay among several new features. Pricing and general timeframe for availability was also revealed. But if you still have more questions, Sony has posted up a long FAQs to answer everything or at least what it can say for now.

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AT&T Announces Itself PlayStation Vita’s Sole Mobile Carrier

In case you weren't aware of the device known as the PlayStation Vita, let's have a short chat about that first. This is what Sony is calling their first "next generation portable entertainment system that combines gaming capabilities and social connectivity." One might argue that this title should go to the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, but who would say such a thing? Have a look at our Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY review and come back in to this post and see what you have to say. Next, let's continue to talk about this Vita device. This device is essentially a PlayStation in your hands and will cost $249 and $299 for the Wi-fi and 3G models respectively.

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E3 2011: Sony NGP Officially PS Vita [Updated with VIDEO]

We've been waiting for this moment, the unveiling of the next-generation portable, the Sony NGP. During Sony's E3 2011 press conference, the company confirmed several rumors for the PSP successor. Sony exec Kazuo Hirai took the stage for the reveal and made it known that the official name for the Sony NGP is indeed the Sony PS VIta.

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Sony files for trademark on PS Vita logo in EU

We all know that Sony is hard at work on a new portable game console to replace the PSP that hasn't sold well. The code name for the new console was NGP and the device is expected to get official for the first time at E3 this week. I mentioned last week that the source code on the PlayStation site had listed a couple occurrences of the PS Vita name, which is thought to be the official name for the NGP when it lands.

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