Amazon Fire HD 6 Review

With the Fire HD 6 we see Amazon approach the standard paperback book size device. But this device is not aimed at reading alone, it’s aimed at every kind of Amazon-based media. It is, after all, an Amazon-centric device, and therefor should be purchased only by those willing to work with Amazon’s collection of digital stores.

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Kindle Voyage leaks: 8mm thick and 300 ppi screen

Amazon is apparently readying a new ebook reader, with the Kindle Voyage seemingly set to replace or at least upgrade the Kindle Paperwhite very soon. The new model is yet to be officially announced, but premature listings on several of Amazon's regional sites have given an early glimpse of the details, including new controls for page-turning.

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Kindle Unlimited earmarks $800k extra for self-publishers

Amazon will increase its fund for self-publishers agreeing to loan their ebooks by $800,000 this month, the retailer has confirmed, predicting an uptick in downloads with the launch of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Those with ebooks being distributed already under the Kindle Owners Lending Library will automatically see their titles added to Kindle Unlimited, buoying Amazon's 600,000+ tally of currently available titles, a move which had left some authors wondering whether their loan royalties would dip.

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Amazon Kindle Unlimited all-you-can-eat ebooks leaks

Amazon is readying a new ebook and audiobook subscription service that would offer unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of titles for a monthly fee, according to some prematurely-spotted product pages. Kindle Unlimited is expected to cost $9.99 per month, according to a now-yanked page on Amazon's site, and in return offer titles like the full Hunger Games series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Harry Potter series.

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Why the Fire Phone is no gimmick

Amazon’s Fire Phone, set to launch next month, comes with a wide range of features that some critics are calling gimmicks. They argue that the device’s four cameras on the front that allow it to deliver a 3D-like effect and some extra Dynamic Perspective features, like tilt and swivel, makes little sense. And Firefly, they say, is little more than a way for Amazon to make more money off a given product. The truth, however, is much different.

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