CrunchPad Tablet renders show new 18mm aluminum design

New renders of what's said to be the final design for Michael Arrington's CrunchPad internet and media tablet have been released, and its taken a big step forward from the last devices we saw.  Now crafted from aluminum, not plastic, so as to cut thickness down to 18mm, the CrunchPad still has a 12-inch touchscreen, WiFi internet access and a media player app.

Video CrunchPad demo after the cut

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Crunchpad Tablet pictures leaked

Wired managed to save some photos of a new tablet that Web 2.0 personality Michael Arrington is producing. These photos were leaked and were up for a short period of time before they were taken down, one assumes, at the request of Mr. Arrington. The Crunchpad is a low-cost device that features a large touchscreen display, and low-end components that run a specially designed version of Linux. Crunchpads would compete directly with netbooks, offering consumers a keyboard-less option for accessing the internet on the go and for running software like Skype.

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