Android TV: Google aims for living room (again)

Google is rebooting its ambitions in the living room, launching Android TV. "In some ways, the TV space is not much different to the mobile space in 2006," Google pointed out, with smart TVs all having different interfaces, different sets of apps, and no cohesive ways for developers to create one app for all platforms. Android TV aims to change all that.

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Google Drive presentations get Chromecast support

Your office might be littered with devices — projectors, TVs, computers — but those days could be coming to an end. Google recently cobbled in Drive presentation support for Chromecast, making it easy to cast a slideshow from your browser. Previously available to a select number of testers, it’s now rolling out to all users.

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Hulu Plus remote control app hits Xbox One, PS3, PS4

If you’re using Hulu Plus on your PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, or Xbox One, the team responsible for helping you control this situation are bringing some heat. There’s now a Remote Control app for Hulu Plus, allowing you to control what you see on your TV from your smartphone or tablet. It’s all very retro, when you think about it.

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Chromecast gains Aereo: TV streamed to HDMI

Google’s Chromecast device caused quite a stir when it was first released, turning the television into a "show me anything" display overnight. With a $35 price tag and integration open to any developer wishing to integrate, this little device is in thousands of homes across the world. Today the team at Aereo have made clear their intent to leverage that group of users.

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Chromecast support hits Rhapsody and Napster

Starting today, the Android versions of the apps Rhapsody and Napster will be available for Chromecasting. This means that the apps themselves are able to attach to the Google-made dongle device for your television and "Cast" their content. Once you’ve sent the signal, your television will show the music track of your choice, and you’ll be free to continue doing what you wish on your smartphone or tablet.

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