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Which partner purchased one million Blackberry Z10 devices?

A couple of weeks ago, Blackberry announced that a mystery partner had purchased 1 million of its Blackberry Z10 devices. It wouldn't say who the partner was, but that it was a huge confidence boost for both the company and consumers alike. The announcement was enough to boost its shares up 8.2%. While it was speculated that the mysterious partner had to be a major carrier like AT&T or Verizon Wireless, it turns out that the partner was actually a wireless distributor by the name of Brightstar.

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BlackBerry Z10 now available on AT&T

After a couple of months of Canada and the UK already enjoying their BlackBerry Z10, the device has finally hit the US and is available on AT&T's network starting today, making them the first US carrier to make the new phone available to customers. You can now grab the BlackBerry 10-equipped device for $200 after signing a new two-year contract.

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Blackberry plans to roll out high-end smartphone in time for the holidays

Blackberry, ever-ambitious and pushing to regain all it has slowly lost, plans to release a flagship handset in time for the holiday season, a phone the company's CEO Thorsten Heins says he is "very excited about." This information comes from an interview the CEO had with the folks over at CNET, and while precious few details were given, it is said to be one of a few the company plans to launch in 2013.

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Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt: BlackBerry User

When you're the Executive Chairman of a company who makes a large chunk of its business surround a mobile operating system like Google does with Android, you don't go around using a BlackBerry. That is, unless you're Eric Schmidt. It was confirmed this week that Schmidt, while speaking at the Activate conference in India to Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger, that Schmidt uses a BlackBerry smartphone because he likes the keyboard. If that's not the news of the day in the gadget universe, I don't know what is.

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Department of Defense to buy more than 650,000 iOS devices say sources

Things aren't looking so great for Blackberry, if information provided to Electronista is to be believed. Back in October, word had surfaced that the Pentagon would be taking in iOS and Android devices on top of Blackberry, which has been a staple platform for many government agencies. Last month, we reported that the Pentagon would be rolling out 100,000 of the devices by next year, but it would seem things have changed, with an order of over 650,000 iOS devices pending.

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BlackBerry CEO: iPhone is old news

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has dismissed the iPhone for slowly innovating, arguing that while BlackBerry 10 owes iOS for its groundwork on touch devices, Apple's aging UI leaves it passé. "Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market, they did a fantastic job with the user interface" Heins told The Australian Financial Review as the Z10 made its debut down under, but argued that "the rate of innovation is so high in our industry that if you don't innovate ... you can be replaced pretty quickly." That's something Apple should fear, Heins argues.

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WhatsApp Messenger launches for BlackBerry 10 devices

If you're BlackBerry fan that has adopted a BlackBerry 10 device, a new app is available for you to download today that many have been waiting for. The app is called WhatsApp Messenger and it is now available the BlackBerry World storefront. The app is a cross-platform mobile messaging application that allows users to exchange messages without having to pay SMS fees.

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Blackberry scores its biggest order ever: 1 million phones

Blackberry just achieved a new milestone, receiving a record order of 1 million handsets from one of its partners. This is the largest order it has ever received, and is a boon for the company that has put a lot of effort into revamping itself after a string of bad luck. Not surprisingly, the company's shares took a big jump after the announcement.

$200 is just too much for the BlackBerry Z10

I liked BlackBerry's Z10. Not enough to have it replace my current phone, mind, but enough to give it a reasonable rating, and to believe that BlackBerry, AT&T and Verizon are having a laugh if they think $200 is the right price. AT&T waded into the Z10 preorder field today with the announcement that, just like Verizon told us it would earlier this month, be asking $199.99 with a new, two-year agreement for the first of the BlackBerry 10 phones. That's par for the course for a new flagship, but it's also much, much more than BlackBerry should be targeting.

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