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LG Tab Book: an Android hybrid tablet with an Intel Core i5

LG has taken the wraps off a new hybrid offering, an Android tablet packing some generous specifications alongside the promise of high usability for various needs. The device runs Android 4.2.2, and though we don’t yet know the price or availability of the slate, we do have a rundown of what it offers.

Smartphone battery “holy grail” may double life in near future

This week the folks behind a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology have suggested they’ve stabilized the “holy grail” of batteries. Standard batteries for smartphones and tablets today use Lithium Ion battery packs while this new conglomeration will bring on the age of the lithium anode. What’s that mean for your smartphone? Great things!

NVIDIA SHIELD portable to gain continued support as Tablet hits shelves

Earlier this month we got the opportunity to have our first hands-on experience with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet in relatively short form. Before we do our full review, NVIDIA has made with the public assurances in the long-term support of the entire NVIDIA SHIELD Family. Not just the newest products, mind you – the entire collection.

New iPad to be 30% thinner with Mini Air stylings

The next iPad has been tipped to be delivered with a body not unlike that of the iPad Air, this time taking to the Mini with its lightness and thinness. inside, this device is said to be rolling with a new Apple A8 processor, more powerful than previous chips – surprise!

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Hands-on: Cross-platform Gaming Fully Pumped

While there’s no shortage of slates on the market today, NVIDIA believes that there’s plenty of room for a specialty tablet. Their gaming tablet goes by a name similar to NVIDIA SHIELD, their handheld Android-based gaming device. This is NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, and it’s ready to roll with their NVIDIA SHIELD Controller.

Wacom Bamboo Paper now available on Android, Windows 8

Wacom is taking on Paper, 53′s highly popular iPad app, by taking its own drawing-based software where Paper dare not tread. Wacom is expanding the scope of its Bamboo Paper app beyond iOS, making it available on Windows 8 and Android, both of the Google kind and the Amazon flavor. What’s more, to celebrate the milestone, Wacom is offering many … Continue reading

How do I get internet on my iPad?

Today we’re going to address a simple problem many users have with their iPad – finding a Wi-Fi network to access the internet. The following post is part of SlashGear’s Family IT collection, helping those new to technology with the devices they own. These posts will also be helpful for those of you inundated with questions from family members about … Continue reading

Latest Tablet Reviews

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet DirectStylus 2 Review

With all its gaming prowess, you could quite forget that the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has a second personality. Taking the clever Tegra-accelerated stylus technology of NVIDIA’s Note 7, and supercharging it with more sensitivity, less latency, and custom-created apps to show it off at its best, the DirectStylus 2 system promises the best of a digital pen with neither cost … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Review

Lenovo is back with another Windows tablet similar to its ThinkPad 8, the aptly-named ThinkPad 10. With this tablet comes a QuickShot cover and screen just as beautiful as its smaller sibling, as well as a couple docking stations, one with and one without a keyboard. To see how the slate and its accessories hold up in everyday usage, read … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S review: 10.5 and 8.4 Android glamour

Samsung has always been at the forefront of envelope-pushing when it comes to slim tablets, and the Galaxy Tab S is no exception. Challenging Apple’s iPad line-up head on, and borrowing the Super AMOLED technology and fingerprint biometrics from the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5 promise to finally give the Android tablet world what … Continue reading

Lenovo TAB A8 Review

Lenovo has added some new tablets to its roster, among them being the 8-inch Lenovo TAB A8. This tablet is a mixture of goodies — it is thin and light, and boasts an astounding battery life (hint: I gave up on waiting for the battery to deplete in standby after day 19). Though the specs are in the range needed … Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Review

The Surface Pro 3 is something special. Microsoft has refused to give up on its concept of one device that’s both a tablet and ultrabook, and its ramped up the trash-talk, too, calling out the MacBook Air and iPad by name when it launched the third-generation Windows 8.1 machine. Thing is, this may not just be hot air: bigger but … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Review

Among the series of laptops Lenovo has introduced over the past handful of months lies a small Windows 8.1 tablet, the ThinkPad 8. With the tablet comes a small form factor and a unique Quickshot cover, the most notable feature of the device. How does the ThinkPad 8 hold up against other Windows 8 tablets? Read our full SlashGear review … Continue reading

App News

Should developers care about app revenue?

Why do you think a developer should create an app? Earlier this week I made a rather hardline stance on the current state of the app development universe for smart devices, suggesting that because Android-based revenue from app-buyers was lower than iOS, that developers should abandon Google’s mobile operating system. Now I’m not quite so sure.

How do you consume media on Android?

Earlier today, we posed a question via Facebook: how do you consume media on your Android device? With so many great services out there, we wanted to know if there was one that stood out for our readers. As it turns out, the options for media consumption amongst our readers is as varied as the services on offer.

Vizio Smart TVs score Spotify app

Certain Vizio TV owners have gained access to another digital service, Spotify. The music service is coming only to select Vizio Smart TVs, which can be determined by checking out the maker’s app compatibility chart on its website.

What is the Google Play Summer Sale?

This week the annual “Google Play Summer Sale” begins – this includes a small collection of apps for now, but will likely expand as Google makes their official announcement. When this article is released, Google has not yet made things official with a landing page, but once they do, we’ll be sure to link it up. For now, heed the … Continue reading

Let family track you in traffic with Google Maps creator’s app PlaceUs

A new app from one of the chief creators of Google Maps, Sam Liang Ph.D, is appearing this week to allow your family to track you at all times. Contextual awareness is key to the existence of “PlaceUs,” an app which allows you to tell your family you’re running late without ever taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Accessories every mobile gamer needs

As tablets and smartphones increase in power and display quality — not to mention the ever-growing library of games — mobile gaming has become a staple way to pass the time for many. Still, mobile gaming has its downsides, namely in the form of usability: trying to control two digital joysticks with your thumbs on your phone’s display isn’t nearly … Continue reading

These apps let you share media in a whole new way

Editing media via mobile is getting much easier, but the small screen can make you clumsier than you might like. Apps like iMovie are pretty easy to use, but not always what you’re looking for. These two apps for iOS and Android will make editing your media into a polished, finished product much easier.

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