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Gorilla Glass 4 will bring in better drop protection

Your smartphone screen has come a long way since the feature phone days. Nearly scratch-proof, and highly resistant to shattering, it doesn’t seem as though it could get much better at times. Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass (I can almost guarantee that’s what your smartphone has covering its pixels), don’t rely on ‘good enough’. The company today announces Gorilla Glass … Continue reading

NOOK Audiobooks released to make Android speak

This morning Barnes & Noble’s NOOK family expanded with an app that’ll turn the audio on with books. The NOOK Audiobooks App is the first “no-commitment” app from Barnes & Noble to offer audiobooks for both Android smartphones and tablets – that means no subscription costs or anything – and it’ll be released by the ned of this week. This … Continue reading

Nokia N1 tablet rocks Android 5.0 and 64-bit Intel CPU

Nokia has rolled out a new tablet that may interest users out there shopping for an Android-powered device. The new tablet is called the Nokia N1 and its runs Android 5.0 right out of the box. One of the cool things about Android 5.0 is that it supports 64-bit processors and to take advantage of that support Nokia has fitted … Continue reading

E FUN Nextbook 8 Windows tablet launches on Black Friday

E FUN will be launching its Nextbook 8 tablet on Black Friday for $99, giving budget-conscious users a Windows 8.1 slate in the sub-$100 range. The announcement was made on the Windows blog today, with it being revealed that the Nextbook will be available at Walmart retail stores as part of a Black Friday promotion. Under the promotion, buyers will … Continue reading

Project Tango hits Google Play, but isn’t for sale (yet)

Google’s Project Tango is an exciting look into the future of tablets, gaming, and just overall tech. The devices, via series of cameras and sensors, can map environments and objects in 3D. We knew Project tango would be made available “later” this year, but as time ticked away, we wondered if Google was just behind a bit. Turns out, they … Continue reading

Latest Tablet Reviews

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android Lollipop Review

This week we’ve had a look at what it means to be rolling with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with a full Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. This isn’t your everyday average upgrade – it’s not like we’re using the Nexus 9 that just happens to be branded by NVIDIA. Instead, this is the first non-Nexus tablet to receive the update, complete … Continue reading

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition Review: Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning. Your child woke you up with an ear-piercing scream of excitement – Santa has come. Once your child sees the present you’ve wrapped in special paper – next to the Santa gifts, of course – they snatch it up. They realize it might just be socks. They open it. It’s the Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition. … Continue reading

iPad Air 2 Review – Apple builds a new flagship

Apple is bullish on tablets and, for all it may be the slimmest and lightest of its breed, the iPad Air 2 is undeniably its new heavyweight champion. Dropping weight and bulk while simultaneously gaining power, the iPad Air 2 also dips into the best-selling iPhone 6’s pockets for features like Touch ID and Apple Pay. Question is, though, has … Continue reading

iPad mini 3 Review – Refinement not Revolution

For many tablet fans, Apple’s second-generation iPad mini hit the sweet spot. Keeping the bag- and hand-friendly design of the original iPad mini, but adding a Retina display, it replaced standalone ereaders and held the phablet fort until the iPhone 6 Plus arrived. Technology can’t stand still, though, and so 2014 brings the iPad mini 3. With the changes far … Continue reading

Nabi Big Tab HD Review: the world’s biggest Android tablet

Supposing you’ve seen our previous massive tablet reviews, you know SlashGear isn’t about to dismiss a device just because it seems absurd from the outset. Take a look at our Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC Review, for example – it runs Windows, so Nabi keeps the crown in Android. Here in 2014 we’re seeing not just one, but two … Continue reading

Kindle Voyage Review: Ereader Royalty

The ebook didn’t kill the paperback, and Amazon is counting on the fact that not only hasn’t the tablet killed the ereader, but that there’s still room for a premium model in the shape of the Kindle Voyage. Fronted by an incredible e-paper display, Amazon’s smartest screen illumination system to-date, and a bevy of software enhancements focused on readers, it’s … Continue reading

App News

Google acquires Relative Wave: visually-inclined tool-makers

The folks at Relative Wave are creators. They’re making it easier for software developers to see what their apps will look and act like before they create a final design. With their tools, creators can visualize what they’re making for a smartphone ON the smartphone, rather than on a PC. When you edit something in their system, “Flow”, you see … Continue reading

The Nokia Store will shut down early next year

Smartphones may occupy a lot of our mind share, but there are quite a few people who still have, use, and like feature phones. In emerging markets, those devices are often the only choice. Nokia was a leader in the emerging space with their Asha brand and middle-of-the-road Nokia X devices. Now that Nokia is out of the hardware game, … Continue reading

Beam app shows your texts being typed in real-time

If you’re no longer satisfied with only being able to see little ellipses as your chat partner types a message, the text messaging app Beam will likely strike your fancy. It leaves no room for edits — at least, no room for private edits. Rather, everything you type is shown in real time to the person on the receiving end, … Continue reading

Kevin Rose launches Watchville app, targeting the luxury watch market

Serial entrepreneur and founder of the original Digg, Kevin Rose, has just launched a new iOS app that is quite a departure from previous social-targeted platforms, including his latest, Tiiny. Watchville, available for free, acts a news aggregator and atomic clock tool for the extreme luxury wristwatch market. Not just for those who like Rolexes, but collectors who know names … Continue reading

iPhone game entirely made of emoji released by 19 year old student

We can look back at the tremendously popular iOS game Flappy Bird and instantly see how simply designed it is; one-touch controls paired with colorful, blocky sprites. Well, a 19 year old Russian student may have just taken the simple design factor to a new level, with his game Emoji Cosmos made of nothing but emoji.

Aeternum gives jailbroken iPhones the Apple Watch UI

Those enamored with the Apple Watch’s UI can now bring it to their iPhone, as long as it is jailbroken. Called Aeternum, this Cydia app builds upon previous offerings to present users with the Apple wearable’s smooth floating interface, complete with solid animations, the ability to rearrange and remove icons, and a nice dock at the bottom of the display. … Continue reading

Facebook Messenger’s Inevitable Takeover

Back in August, Facebook messenger became obligatory. I ran a column called Yes, you DO want Facebook Messenger that many Facebook users were shockingly opposed to. But it’s been barely 3 months and Facebook has already announced it: they’ve reached a tipping point. They already have 500 million users using – not just having downloaded – using Messenger each month. … Continue reading

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