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Final Fantasy Record Keeper: retro pixel fun for mobile

There’s a new Final Fantasy coming to mobile devices, and this time it’s not just about bringing back a classic. This will be Final Fantasy Record Keeper, a game that mashes up awesome elements from the Final Fantasy universe into one retro-styled pixelated adventure. The keeper of the histories of Final Fantasy – that’s you – and you’re tasked with … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets now getting Firefly visual search

The Amazon Fire Phone might be considered a flop, but that doesn’t mean the retailer giant is giving up on all its features. One of those features is Firefly, Amazon’s rather quirky and amorphous visual search tool. That feature is now arriving on Amazon’s more affordable tablet line, the Kindle Fire HD, to give users a bit of an experience … Continue reading

Archos goes to school with Android, Windows, Chrome OS devices

Archos is probably well known for its almost endless list of budget smartphones and tablets, and even odd ones like a gaming handheld or a kid’s ablet. Now the French manufacturer is trying its hands at a slightly different market. The company has just announced its first ever formal venture into the world of the academia, revealing tablets and notbeooks … Continue reading

YouTube for Kids detailed: here’s why it’s necessary

This week we’re hearing – again – that Google will be releasing a YouTube app made specifically for children. As YouTube is the primary app for video content from the web on Android – and is used by most iPhone users for video content on the web as well – it makes perfect sense that a child-friendly option, YouTube for … Continue reading

HTC teases something HUGE, math geniuses can try

As we count down the days to MWC 2015, it’s natural to see companies kick their marketing campaigns into high gear, sometimes with absurd results. Take for example HTC’s latest “teaser”, basically a fill in the blanks game with nothing much in terms of clues. Of course, that’s not going to stop anyone from speculating, or wishing, what it’s all … Continue reading

OLPC, One Education to launch a modular tablet/laptop hybrid

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project had a laudable goal, but unfortunately those plans materialized in very different, and sometimes disappointing, ways. But for all their failures, you have to give them props for never knowing when or how to give up. Now OLPC’s Australian partner One Education is said to have a new XO device ready to be … Continue reading

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HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Review

The HP ElitePad 1000 is a tablet built for business. Working with a 64-bit Intel Atom processor under the hood, Windows 8.1 up front, and both TPM 1.2 and HP Bios protection throughout, this unit is a true contender for the finest business world-oriented slate on the market today. With MIL-STD 810G testing approval (that’s Military Standard testing for ruggedness), … Continue reading

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro Review

The Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is a unique piece of work. Lenovo didn’t fall into the same trap many manufacturers make in creating tiny boosts for their devices each year, changing only base configurations. They didn’t say, hey, this YOGA Tablet is neat enough, let’s just give it a better display for the tail end of 2015. Instead they’ve … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android Lollipop Review

This week we’ve had a look at what it means to be rolling with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with a full Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. This isn’t your everyday average upgrade – it’s not like we’re using the Nexus 9 that just happens to be branded by NVIDIA. Instead, this is the first non-Nexus tablet to receive the update, complete … Continue reading

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition Review: Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning. Your child woke you up with an ear-piercing scream of excitement – Santa has come. Once your child sees the present you’ve wrapped in special paper – next to the Santa gifts, of course – they snatch it up. They realize it might just be socks. They open it. It’s the Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition. … Continue reading

iPad Air 2 Review – Apple builds a new flagship

Apple is bullish on tablets and, for all it may be the slimmest and lightest of its breed, the iPad Air 2 is undeniably its new heavyweight champion. Dropping weight and bulk while simultaneously gaining power, the iPad Air 2 also dips into the best-selling iPhone 6’s pockets for features like Touch ID and Apple Pay. Question is, though, has … Continue reading

iPad mini 3 Review – Refinement not Revolution

For many tablet fans, Apple’s second-generation iPad mini hit the sweet spot. Keeping the bag- and hand-friendly design of the original iPad mini, but adding a Retina display, it replaced standalone ereaders and held the phablet fort until the iPhone 6 Plus arrived. Technology can’t stand still, though, and so 2014 brings the iPad mini 3. With the changes far … Continue reading

Nabi Big Tab HD Review: the world’s biggest Android tablet

Supposing you’ve seen our previous massive tablet reviews, you know SlashGear isn’t about to dismiss a device just because it seems absurd from the outset. Take a look at our Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC Review, for example – it runs Windows, so Nabi keeps the crown in Android. Here in 2014 we’re seeing not just one, but two … Continue reading

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YouTube Kids Review: Google thinks of the children

Today is a turning point for the Google-owned YouTube video environment. Today children are able to use YouTube Kids, an app made specifically for children, made to allow kids access to the ever-growing video environment without risking unwanted sights for young eyes. While Wu-Tang may be for the children, their music videos decidedly are not. The YouTube crew have taken … Continue reading

Facebook is down for real, its not just you

This morning Facebook was found to be having some down time across the United States and across the planet. You’ll likely find your fair share of Facebook comments on Twitter this morning if you also follow that social network with a bunch of social networking pals. If you’re thinking about what you could do in this time of peril, there’s … Continue reading

10 must-have business apps for Windows Phone

Android and iOS dominate the mobile world, and any aberrations in that among business users tends to revolve around BlackBerry. Still, Windows Phone has found a fond place in some business users’ hearts, as evidenced by the growing number of business-centric apps available in the Windows Phone store, but as any Windows Phone users will know, picking the useful apps … Continue reading

Jolly Jam: Angry Birds maker makes its own Candy Crush

Rovio is about to try its luck with a Candy Crush-LIKE game, I suppose we should say. Not like it’s the same game – and not like there isn’t a precedent for creating games like this, like Bejeweled turning into a game about candy, or anything like that. And forbid it that there ever be a game like Bejeweled that … Continue reading

Inbox by Gmail updated for iPad

Google has updated their iOS build of Inbox by Gmail to work for the Apple iPad. This update brings a couple of changes to the way the app is organized on the tablet vs the ever-so-slightly smaller iPhone. This app continues to be an “invite only” situation, but emailing inbox (at) google (dot) com generally results in an invitation sent … Continue reading

Xbox One apps incoming

Apparently the Xbox One doesn’t have enough software yet. It would appear that the next wave for the platform is to open the doors in a big way for developers, reaching out to these developers to get them to bring all manner of software to the device. Developers are said to be able to run beta apps for the Xbox … Continue reading

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