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HTC again tipped to be making the next Nexus tablet

October is fast approaching and with it, the promise of not just Android L but of the next Nexus device. While there is still some uncertainty whether it will be another Nexus smartphone, believed to be Motorola’s Nexus 6 or “Shamu”, or a tablet, the media favorite seems to be the underdog, which, in this case, is HTC.

Yohann iPad stand aims for elegance and simplicity

When you first see the Yohann iPad stand, you might expect the device teeter-totter back and forth. What you’re seeing is a sort of optical illusion – an intelligent use of physics to create a stand for the iPad that’s quite straightforward. Yohann provides three different basic angles for both vertical and horizontal usage, able to be used in a … Continue reading

HTC Nexus 9 now said to be announced October 16

Google’s Nexus 10 languished in the doldrums since release. Never really catching on in a big way, Google focussed their efforts on the Nexus 7. As it becomes clear Google is focussing their efforts on a larger tablet once again, news emerges about just when we might be able to officially get our hands on it.

Fire HDX 8.9 takes a jab at the iPad, ships next month

The previously leaked Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 has officially arrived, and with it comes a bunch of jabs at the iPad. Amazon boasts its newest slate’s display as offering 30-percent more pixels than the iPad’s Retina display, its audio as being twice as loud, and its weight as being 20-percent lighter.

Amazon’s Fire HD Kids Edition: rubber bumpers, free replacements

Amazon has introduced a slew of new devices tonight, not the least of which is the Fire HD Kids Edition — a powerful tablet Amazon says it made “from the ground up” specifically for kids. Its child-centric aspects include both design, which is understandably robust with bumpers, and content, which includes Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

Latest Tablet Reviews

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet DirectStylus 2 Review

With all its gaming prowess, you could quite forget that the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has a second personality. Taking the clever Tegra-accelerated stylus technology of NVIDIA’s Note 7, and supercharging it with more sensitivity, less latency, and custom-created apps to show it off at its best, the DirectStylus 2 system promises the best of a digital pen with neither cost … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Review

Lenovo is back with another Windows tablet similar to its ThinkPad 8, the aptly-named ThinkPad 10. With this tablet comes a QuickShot cover and screen just as beautiful as its smaller sibling, as well as a couple docking stations, one with and one without a keyboard. To see how the slate and its accessories hold up in everyday usage, read … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab S review: 10.5 and 8.4 Android glamour

Samsung has always been at the forefront of envelope-pushing when it comes to slim tablets, and the Galaxy Tab S is no exception. Challenging Apple’s iPad line-up head on, and borrowing the Super AMOLED technology and fingerprint biometrics from the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5 promise to finally give the Android tablet world what … Continue reading

Lenovo TAB A8 Review

Lenovo has added some new tablets to its roster, among them being the 8-inch Lenovo TAB A8. This tablet is a mixture of goodies — it is thin and light, and boasts an astounding battery life (hint: I gave up on waiting for the battery to deplete in standby after day 19). Though the specs are in the range needed … Continue reading

Surface Pro 3 Review

The Surface Pro 3 is something special. Microsoft has refused to give up on its concept of one device that’s both a tablet and ultrabook, and its ramped up the trash-talk, too, calling out the MacBook Air and iPad by name when it launched the third-generation Windows 8.1 machine. Thing is, this may not just be hot air: bigger but … Continue reading

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Review

Among the series of laptops Lenovo has introduced over the past handful of months lies a small Windows 8.1 tablet, the ThinkPad 8. With the tablet comes a small form factor and a unique Quickshot cover, the most notable feature of the device. How does the ThinkPad 8 hold up against other Windows 8 tablets? Read our full SlashGear review … Continue reading

App News

Qualcomm wants to supercharge “digital eyewear”

So you say you want a pair of smart glasses, yes? The company that makes the processors in most Android smartphones and all Windows Phone smartphones, Qualcomm, is bringing about an environment where developers can make digital eyewear applications a reality.

My Maps: customize your Google Maps experience

A little-known system called My Maps has just been updated by Google for Google Maps. What you’re able to do – and what I’ll be showing you here – is take what Google has made with Google Maps and add your own special markers, trails, and directions. You can take what you’ve made, then, and share with friends, coworkers, and … Continue reading

iPhone 6 Plus apps will “just work”

Apple kicked off its event today, getting right into the details with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, confirming months of leaks and pairing them with some official images and details. Amidst the hardware talk comes information about the apps, with Apple’s Schiller saying there are 1.3 million available, and they’ll all … Continue reading

Misfit wearable ecosystem expands with dev tools

This week the folks at Misfit, creators of the Misfit Shine, have made clear their intent to expand. Not with another wearable – the first one they’ve made is still running strong – but with a release of their software system for the whole developer universe to take part in.

Microsoft Nokia rebranding has begun

The change is now! Microsoft has begun changing the names of Nokia apps in their Lumia smartphones to ones more suitable for their slightly less Nokia-branded universe. While we don’t expect a press release on the subject, we will see a whole lot more Microsoft before the week is through.

Sony’s Xperia Z3 trio bring PS4 Remote Play

Sony has introduced its new trio of Z3 devices, the Xperia Z3 flagship smartphone and its smaller sibling, the Xperia Z3 Compact, as well as the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact 8-inch slate. All three devices bring with them PlayStation 4 Remote Play, the first smartphones to offer the functionality.

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