T-Mobile Dash – Finally Official!

Chris Davies - Oct 11, 2006
T-Mobile Dash – Finally Official!

The sad thing about this being a world of so many leaks is that when the final announcement of a new computer or cellphone is made you've generally heard so much about it that you're really not fussed.  Perhaps you could say that it's the gadget equivalent of a song getting so much radio airplay prior to release that nobody buys it when it actually does hit the shops.  So here, jaded buying public, is the T-Mobile Dash. You've seen it, probably read most of the specs, but from the carrier's own PR mouthpiece...

Quad-band for global use, the Windows Mobile 5.0 Dash packs GSM, GPRS, EDGE and WiFi into a case a mere 4.4" by 2.5" by .51" and weighing only 4.2oz.  Soft touch plastics make it tactile and strokeable, while its features don't let it down either.  AOL, MSN and Yahoo! instant-messaging, push email support, speakerphone, Bluetooth and mp3 player, all funnelling their juicy high-tech goodness to a 65,000 colour, 320x240 2.4" screen.  The only area that could do with some polishing might be the digital camera - 1.3 megapixels, even with video capture, just doesn't cut it any more.  At least you can expand the on-board memory via MicroSD.

The pretty much meaningless "suggested retail price" is $349, but the important thing is that T-Mobile will sell you one for $249.99 with a one year contract or, if you're willing to sell your soul away for two years, the bargainous price of $199.99.

As for data plans, T-Mobile are pushing the benefits of their Total Internet option - $29.99 on top of your voice plan gets you unlimited e-mail, web, T-Mobile HotSpot service and instant messaging.  It's not cheap, but if you're a heavy user it might work out cheaper in the long run.  Whether it does will also depend on whether you can connect the Dash up to your laptop, either by cable or Bluetooth, and access the high-speed mobile access that way.

But you don't want to read all that malarkey, do you.  You want to see a gorgeous cellphone stripped from its box and paraded around for your drooling entertainment.  Thank goodness we're generous folk here at SlashGear - we've got our hands on the delectable Dash and have documented the unboxing especially for you...

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