Swarm Elixir and Nectar open bottles and keep the seat on your bike in place

Apr 11, 2011

These are a couple of very odd products to me. The Swarm Elixir and Nectar are both clamps that are designed to hold the seat on your bike in place without having to worry it will slide while you ride. The little things are made from CNC machined 6061 aluminum with high strength and lightweight. They also come in five colors.

The Nectar clamp is a fixed clamp that you tighten down with an allen wrench. The Elixir is a fast action clamp with a lever that flips out to allow you to adjust the seat without tools. Both of the devices are designed with a bottle opener integrated as well.

I guess the idea is that after a hard day of riding your bike you can roll into your favorite bar area and pop the cap off a frosty adult beverage. Both of the clamps come in five sizes to fit the majority of bikes on the road. The product is on Kickstarter right now and has five days left to go before it is funded. The Swarm team was looking for $2,500 and they have $3,242 donated so far.

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