SuperData study suggests mobile games will rake in $7.5 billion by 2015

Mar 29, 2012

That 99-cent Angry Birds download may not seem like much at first. But then you get hooked, you're buying all the extra levels and themed seasonal editions, and then you start expanding your horizons. It's no longer just a 99-cent game download; it's a wall-busting obsession, and before you know if the mobile gaming industry is weighing in at $7.5 billion! Whew, that was quite a ride.

A new study from SuperData (and how can you not believe a company with a name like that?) predicts a very nice rise for the emerging market. The group points to the fact that not only are the number of premium game downloads increasing consistently, but mobile gaming is able to take advantage of other revenue streams as well, like in-game advertising and of course in-app purchases.

In fact, already, female gamers from the ages of 25 to 34 are spending an average of nearly $13 every month for mobile game microtransactions. Guys, ironically enough, are behind, spending less than $8 per month on average. On the mobile ad side of things, Angry Birds on Android, which is "free," pulls in as much as $6 million from ads, according to reports. So, yeah, that sounds about right.

[via VentureBeat]

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