Super Talent TeraDrive CT SSD debuts for notebooks and enterprise

Jun 15, 2010

Super Talent has unveiled a new SSD in its TeraDrive family called the TeraDrive CT. The new SSD is based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller with support for TRIM and Garbage Collection features.

Super Talent claims that the drive is good for up to 285MB/s sequential speeds and it is aimed at high-end laptops and desktops. The SSD uses the SATA II 3Gbps interface. The drive is also SAS tested and can be used with RAID cards in servers and workstations.

Other features include weal leveling and ECC with up to 24 bytes correctable per 512 byte sector. MLC NAND is used inside the SSD and it is available in 60GB to 480GB capacities. Sequential read speed is 285MB/s for all capacities and the sequential write speed is 275MB/s for all of the capacities except the 60GB which has a 200MB/s write speed.

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